Name:Mr. Murthy D H R

Designation:Assistant Professor

Qualification: M.Tech (Ph.D)

Mr. Murthy D H R is an Assistant Professor in Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering since July 2017. He is pursuing PhD from Presidency University in the area of Public key cryptography. He has worked for 12th five year plan project of CSIR in HPC and Cyber Security division @ CSIR fourth paradigm institute Bangalore. He also delivered guest lectures in various conferences and faculty development programs.
Awards, Medals, Achievements, Patents, etc
NPTEL Certified in Cryptography and Network Security
Memberships, affiliations, etc
Life member of Cryptology Research Society of India
  • Class coordinator
  • Course instructor-in charge for Computer Networks, Cryptography and Network Security
  • Departmental coordinator for Examination
  • Faculty coordinator for Professional Practice
  • Chairperson for Class Committee meeting
  • Faculty advisor
  • FDP organizing committee
Cryptography and Network Security, Computer Networks, DBMS, C-Programming
Conference papers : 02
Journal articles
International : 01
National : 03
Public Key Cryptography, primality testing and factorization