Name : Dr. R. Kesavamorthy

Designation: Assistant Professor

Dr. R. Kesavamorthy is a dedicated and diligent professional with more than 10 years of experience in academics, research as well as administration. He obtained his Ph.D. in Information and Communication Engineering from Anna University, Chennai in 2019.
He is adept at working with students to successfully prepare them for personal and professional success in today’s world. He consistently strives to create a challenging and engaging learning environment in which students become life-long scholars and learners.
Dr. R. Kesavamoorthy has created powerful and compelling curricula for students, and promoted an open and interactive classroom environment for enhanced learning. Being an active member in various Professional Bodies, he always used to work with a team to research and develop new learning material for students.
He is knowledgeable and experienced in various educational philosophies, which best promote the overall experience of a student. A committed faculty member, passionate about working to further enhance the educational offerings of an institution.
Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Data Science and Computer Programming
Network Security, Parallel and Distributed Computing, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence
Journals: 10 Conference: 12