Name : Dr. Jacob Augustine

Qualification : Ph.D.

Designation: Associate Dean (Student-Services)

PhD (IISc, Bangalore), MTech(IIT, Madras) Research
Post Doctoral Fellow (Concordia University, Montreal, Canada).

Work Teaching - 12
National Institute of Technology, Calicut
CMR Institute of Technology, Bangalore

Industry Worked as Principal Engineer, Multimedia Group at Sasken Communication Technologies, Hewlett-Packard R&D Bangalore in various groups (HP Labs, Servers, Networking) as tech lead and R&D Manager for 17 years
Computer Networks, Python Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Natural Language Processing, Logic Design
Professor and Associate Dean, CSE, SoE
Image and Video compression, Applications of Switching theory
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  • US Patent No. 7,437,007 awarded on 14-Oct-2008. Region-of-Interest Editing of Video Stream in the Compressed Domain.

    Invited Talks
  • Talk on Software Defined Network – SDN, Faculty Development Program organized by IEEE Computational Intelligence Society, Bangalore Chapter at M S Ramaiah Inst. Of Technology (affiliated to VTU), July 2016.
  • Tutorial Presented: Jacob Augustine and B. Jagadeesh,"Image and Video Coding Standards for Multimedia," Tutorial in 8th International Conference on Advanced Computing and Communications (ADCOM 2000), Cochin, December 14-16, 2000.