Name:Dr.Saravanan Chandrasekaran

Designation:Assistant Professor

Phd.-Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, Hyderabad.
MSc.-SVN College / Madurai Kamaraj University.

Dr. Saravanan received his Ph.D in 2008 from Indian Institute of Chemical Technology and worked for a while in Pharma Industry (Sanmar Speciality Chemicals Limited). Dr. Saravanan has extensive international research experiences in France (Ecole des Mines de Douai), Canada (University of New Brunswick) and UK (University of Bristol and University of Bath). He is recipient of prestigious Senior Research Fellow award and Marie Curie Research Fellow award from CSIR-India and European research council respectively. His research efforts are focused on the synthesis of various conducting polymers and oligomers (Polyaniline, polypyrrole and oligoanilines) for gas sensor, reusable organic catalysts, electromagnetic interference application, anti-corrosion, photocatalyst and photovoltaic applications. He further involving in the preparation of biopolymer based composites for biodegradable electronic device applications. He attended various seminars, conferences including Nobel laureates seminars (Dr. Alan MacDiarmid and Dr. Hideki Shirakawa) and career development training programmes in India, Canada, UK, France and Spain. Upto now, there are 16-international papers and 3-patents published as the credentials during his research career and recognized as one of the upcoming leader in the field of functional organic materials. Saravanan was appointed as Assistant Professor in Rathinam technical campus and he moved to Presidency University, Bangalore, where he is currently working as an Assistant Professor in department of Chemistry.

Institution Position No. of years
Presidency University, Bengaluru Assistant Professor From June 2018
Rathinam Technical Campus (Engineering college), Coimbatore Assistant Professor 0.8 - year
University of Bath, United Kingdom Research Associate 2.8 - years
University of Bristol, United Kingdom Marie Curie Research Fellow 2 - years
University of New Brunswick, Canada Postdoctoral Researcher 1 - year 1- month
Ecole des Mines de Douai, France Postdoctoral Researcher 1.5 - years
Sanmar Speciality Chemicals Ltd, Chennai Research Associate 0.8 - year
Teaching, research and developments on organic materials, administrative work associated with teaching and research activities.
Engineering Chemistry, General Chemistry, Materials Science (organic materials).
Type of research paper-16
Conference papers-10 (9-international and 1-national)
Journal articles:
International - 16
National - Nil
Design, synthesis and application of conducting polymers and oligomers, and preparation of biodegradable electronic device materials.