Name:Dr. Gokulakrishnan Subramanian

Designation:Assistant Professor

I obtained my PhD in Chemistry from BITS – Pilani Goa, wherein I studied the redox and photoredox reactions pertaining to the activation of peroxydisulphate and hydrogen peroxide using metal complexes for application in in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) and advanced oxidation processes (AOPs). In 2015, I was awarded UGC – Kothari postdoctoral fellowship and joined Prof. Giridhars Lab, Chemical Engineering Dept, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore to work on industrially relevant problems based on photo-Fenton and Fenton’s chemistry. A major outcome of my research is publications in 10 peer reviewed international journals including ChemComm in Royal Society of Chemistry and Water Research in Elsevier. I have two patents in the domain of water disinfection. I have received best presentation awards in international conferences. I am an active reviewer in 6 international journals and received outstanding reviewer award for Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering. My long standing research interest is in Advanced Oxidation Processes, but also deeply interested in membrane technology and self-disinfecting surfaces. I enjoy teaching chemistry and subjects that deal with chemistry- biology interface. I have involved undergraduate students in most of my research work. This helps reinforce their thinking skills, deepens understanding of the subject and develops competence to think independently.
CHE 101 - Engineering Chemistry and CHE 151 – Engineering Chemistry Lab
Inorganic and physical chemistry, Analytical chemistry, Photochemistry, Water Technology
Synthesis of redox/photo redox active metal complexes; Ligand to Metal Charge Transfer reactions; Advanced Oxidation Processes; Disinfection; Photo-Catalysis; Fenton Chemistry; Optimization and Process intensification; Graphene Oxide thin films, composites and membranes.
Published 10 international papers in peer-reviewed international journals including 4 papers as corresponding author; 4 papers as first author and 2 papers as co-author. Published 2 Patents. Total Citations : 111 (as of July 2018); H- index – 6; i10 index – 5