Name : Dr. Aparna Roy

Designation : Assistant Professor

Qualification : Ph.D.

Dr. Aparna Roy received her Ph.D from IIT- Kharagpur, India. Dr. Roy has research experience in the field of bio-fuel from renewable and sustainable bio-resources in Department of Forest Biomaterials, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, USA. Her Ph.D. work is on the development of surface-active biomaterial for removal of heavy metals and/or removal of organic dyes from polluted water/industrial effluent. During her stay in IIT-Kharagpur, she was also engaged in other research project related to development of natural fiber reinforced composite. She has been through diversified field of Applied Chemistry and during the course of her research work, she authored several research papers, which got published in reputed international journals. Till now she has 9 international papers and 2 patents (filed) as her credentials. She had attended several international and national conferences and seminars. Her research interest is in providing sustainable solution towards water purification, biofuel, bio-composite etc.
Teaching and research.
Engineering Chemistry, Materials Science, General Chemistry
: Surface functionalization, Biomaterials, Adsorption, Water treatment, Biofuels, Natural fiber reinforced composite materials.
Conference papers :5
Journal articles
International: 9