Content 1:   Ms. Shruthi, 2nd year ECE student has participated and presented her research paper at the ‘’International Conference & Exhibition on Best Practices for Sustainable water, Waste water & Energy Management – SWWEM-2016’’ held on 17-19th August 2016, at JN Tata Auditorium IISc, Bangalore, India.
Her paper with the title “ Forecast Analysis of the Potential and Availability of Renewable Energy in India: A Review“got published in two international journals (International journal of Industrial Electronics & Electrical Engineering (IJIEEE) & International Journal of Management and Applied Science(IJMAS)).
Shruti ,N. K. Millerjothi ,Minu Kesheri , (2016 ) ” Forecast Analysis of the Potential and Availability of Renewable Energy in India: A Review ” , International Journal of Management and Applied Science (IJMAS)
Content 2: Traffic Management and Road Safety Campaign
A group of students under the guidance of Mr Sunil Kumar Dasari went on a traffic awareness campaign. Dr C Prabhakar Reddy – the Dean SOE, accompanied by Dr Shilpa Mehta – HOD ECE – visited the local Yelahanka traffic police station and triggered off the campaign.
Content 3: Creating awareness on water saving
A Batch of Students from ECE under the guidance of Dr Sreenivasappa BV went to nearby localities to create awareness about saving and recycling water.
Content 4: Giving Back to Society: Service at an Orphanage
A batch of ECE students under the guidance of Dr Shilpa Mehta went for service to an orphanage. The group made two visits, spent quality time with the children, discussed their social and educational life, played with them, taught them and spread smiles. Apart from psychological happiness, they also contributed towards the children’s physical requirements by way of grocery items and other such things. Some pictures are enclosed.
Content 4: A Visit to the Old Age Home
Another batch of students under the guidance of Ms Diana Steffi went for service to an oldage home. They entertained the elderly people staying there and gave them company and joy. The residents of the Old Age home were very happy with the visit and expressed great joy.
Content 6Go Green Campaign and Support for the Visually Impaired
Ms Anshika Garg took the responsibility to lead a batch of ECE department students for a campaign to Mitra Jyothi NGO working for people with disability in general and visually impaired in particular for the past 26 years. They work towards education and employability for disabled people, especially the blind. The members of the team tried to understand the process and help as much as they could and participated in various activities.
Content 7: Prepare the child for the path, Not the path for the child!
Another batch of Presidency University students, this time led by Ms Renuka Bhagawat, undertook a campaign for child welfare. Children have their rights but due to some issues like child labour, child abuse their life gets spoilt. The team tried to educate various groups of children towards their human rights and tried to make them aware of the options before them. Some photographs are enclosed.
Content 8: Student Projects:
The students of 3rd sem ECE took up numerous hobby projects under the guidance of Mr Sunil Kumar Dasari for hands on learning. Students worked well and were happy to do some work on their own and also it led to learning efficiency.

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