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Design Entrance Test-05.02.2020

Dr. Neeti Sethi Bose

Name : Dr. Neeti Sethi Bose

Qualification : Ph.D. (University of North South Wales)

Designation : Dean, School of Design

Experience : 30 years

Dr. Neeti Sethi Bose

An academic, social researcher and community development expert, Dr. Neeti Sethi Bose has worked in the domain of art, craft, design and liberal arts for the last 30 years. Dr. Neeti has worked with some of the best known institutions across Africa, Australia and India, including FLAME University, Pearl Academy, SRISHTI, NIFT, Sushant School of Design, Addis Ababa University, University of New South Wales and more. Trained in India as a visual artist, with an MFA and BFA from Jamia Millia Islamia, Department of Fine Arts in Delhi, Dr. Neeti has a PhD in Art Theory from University of North South Wales, College of Fine Arts, Sydney, which she earned as a recipient of the prestigious AusAID scholarship award. She worked with various educational institutions and NGOs like Katha, Viveka Foundation, JNU School of Arts and Aesthetics, and NIFT upon her return from Australia in 2000. Apart from Australia, Dr Neeti has worked and lived in Ethiopia between 2002 – 2008; she has travelled extensively and worked with people of various social and ethnic backgrounds.

Dr. Neeti’s intellectual journey can be divided into 5 broad yet overlapping domains (i) academic teaching and research (ii) academic governance and quality assurance (iii) working with communities and building livelihood capacities through art and design (iv) Curating exhibitions, seminars, conferences and events on design and craft (v) Training programs.

Dr. Neeti teaches art and design as studio practice, specializes in Foundation Studies and design thinking; she teaches design fundamentals and basic design concepts, material exploration, design ethnography/research, social design and liberal arts to UG & PG design students. And Design Thinking and liberal arts to non-design UG & PG students, educators and management/marketing professionals. Student mentoring and Faculty Research Mentoring has always been a large component of Dr. Neeti’s work. Envisioning vibrant classrooms, Dr. Neeti designs courses, modules, workshops that are inquiry-based, foster analytical and critical thinking, facilitate life-changing experiences and focus on experiential learning. She is a phenomenal mentor and nurtures alternate ways of seeing, innovative thinking and global perspectives to deliver an understanding of society, people, cultures, heritage and traditions as well as arts, craft and design.

Her PhD research focused on precolonial and postcolonial representation, classification, promotion and marketing of Indigenous arts in India and Australia. Dr. Neeti’s research led her to study existing visual cultures and real situations in both countries where she conducted extensive field research. She examined their art and craft sectors, to study craft and cultural development, cultural policies and systems of support, to make recommendations for future development. Her research findings translate into her community work and also formulate her pedagogy and trainings, by appropriately placing traditional knowledge and indigenous creative practices within mainstream art and design education, at Schools and Universities. Dr. Neeti continues with a formal, non-formal and action research in the subject, and is focused on national perspectives, hierarchies, indigenous arts/practices/concepts, to highlight stereotypes and define ideas and worldviews of Indigenous origin that guide creativity in the global South.

She is involved in thought leadership, curriculum development and management of academic programs, has undertaken responsibilities of internationalization, academic health of programs, due diligence and quality assurance of delivery and assessment processes and systems and has worked on Learning & Development programs. Dr. Neeti mobilizes her focus groups, keeps classrooms alive and agile, and facilitates trainings with crafts practitioners and communities wanting to involve with crafts for livelihoods. Using interdisciplinary perspectives, participatory approaches, empathy building techniques, self-realization and articulation, she trained students and communities in Africa and India to work on craft development projects. Some such experiences got translated into major projects culminating into exhibitions and events. She curated numerous exhibitions, focusing Institute of Ethiopian Studies’ collection and Ethiopian Culture, some being, “Book Making in Ethiopia”, “Ethiopia in Black & White”, “Repatriation & Cultural Memory celebrating the return of the Axum Obelisk”, “Women by Women – Indo-Ethiopian collaboration” which also brought a seminar titled Places & Spaces to the IES, and “CultureWatch’05 – Talking Tibebs”, which was a community-based outreach project.

Dr. Neeti works with NGOs and indigenous artists, facilitating mobilization and behavioral change via traditional and indigenous methods and practices. She designs and implements craft development trainings and livelihood workshops for women and youth. Her social research projects are well researched and adopt participatory approaches to achieve desired impact and bring social change. Her international exposure, extensive travels, research experience and people skills add to her understanding of world creative practices and enrich her pedagogy. She hopes to encourage wider awareness and appreciation for indigenous design, arts, crafts and culture and would like to establish its importance in the socio-cultural and economic growth of society and country.