Presidency University Library organized a third edition of Summer Book Review Competition 2018 to the students of all three schools. The competition was organized to encourage the students to develop the reading habits and writing skills. The participants were asked to write a review of any book which they borrowed from Library and submit the review during first week of August. There were 33 students who registered for the competition and 10 students submitted their reviews. The submitted reviews were evaluated by our jury members who selected 5 reviews for the final round of presentation. On 14th Sep 2018, 4 students presented their reviews which were followed by the discussions. Finally judges declared results on 18th Sep 2018.

We are pleased to announce the results of the Summer Book Review competition 2018 which was held during Summer 2018.

SN Name ID Title reviewed Author Prize
1 Aparna Dasgupta 2015CSE160 Inner game of work Gallwey, W. Timothy First
2 Aabdul Mueed Moulana 2015PEE001 80/20 principle Koch, Richard Second
3 Charulatha S 20171CSE0163 Immortals Amit Chaudhuri Third
4 Joyce Mary B 2016CSE095 History of modern India Bipin Chandra Consolation

The panel of judges:

1. Prof. Deepak Raj, faculty – SoE
2. Prof. Leena George, faculty – SoM and
3. Prof. Neha Saxena, faculty – SoL
4. Dr. M. Ishwara Bhat, Pro-VC
Congratulations to all the winners. Dr. M. Ishwara Bhat
Pro-Vice Chancellor

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