Fitness club organised fitness competition for students- Blast and Burn. In this competition, workouts were divided into two categories for male and female that were further sub-divided into easy, medium and hard workouts.
The main objective of this competition was to keep people active and also spread the awareness of regular exercise among others. The main highlight of the competition was the active participation from all the students’ regardless of the height, weight and size they are in.
This competition was held on 10th May 2021 on virtual mode. Participants were asked to shoot all the 3 levels of activities and have to send it to their respected judges. During this competition we got an active participation of 111 students.
Format and timeline:
Students of Presidency University initially registered themselves for the event for the challenge from 10th May 2021.The challenge started from 13th May 2021 where the participants were asked to submit their videos to their respective coordinators. There was a total of 5 workouts which were divided into 3 categories.
The 3-minute workouts will all be based on elements that everyone can do outside of the gym environment, testing cardio, lower body and upper body. Videos explaining the various exercises were demonstrated by one of our coordinator Mr. Faraz Ahmed.
Results declaration and winners:

Students had time until 16th May to complete all their workouts and submit their videos. After the tough competition it was difficult for judges to decide the final winner but in the end winners were-

Male category

Winner – Mansoor Khan (20201MEC0035) – MECH
1st runner up – Aqib Ahmed Sharieef (20101PET0030) -PET
2nd runner up – Arjun U (20171MEC0029) – MECH

Female category

Winner – Sphoorti D Kulkarni (20191CSE0586)- CSE
1st runner up – Suparna Sarkar (20181LCS0004) -CSE
2nd runner up – Ashmitha Jha (20181CSE0078) -CSE

With the help of our judges Mr. Koustav Nandi and prof. Leena George and with our cordinators Pranitha Uchil, Rishi Priya, Faraz Ahmed, Shakti Singh Chauhan and Gautam Rawal we could organize and execute this event.

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