Presidency University celebrated the International Yoga Day to create awareness on the physical and mental well – being among faculty and staff at the University on 21/06/2021 between 12.00 pm to 1.00 pm. The event was organised by the department of Physical Education. The COVID-19  protocol was followed during the practice session.

The Director of DSA interacted with faculty and staff as part of an introductory event. The yoga practice session was attended by  Teaching, Non-Teaching, and housekeeping staff members.  The practice session was led by the Director of Physical Education. Overall, thirty five members participated in the International yoga day celebration. During this session, yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation were practised by  the faculty and staff of the Presidency University under the direction of Dr Karlidoss.

The activities were as follows.

Dr. Snehaprabha T V, Director , Dept of Student Affairs, closed the meeting by thanking everyone.

Snapshot 1: Yogaasana practice in standing position

Snapshot 2: Yogaasana practice in supine position

Snapshot 3: Yogaasana practice in standing position

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