As the #1 Higher Studies Destination in India, What Makes Bengaluru Unique Amongst Students?


A global hub of all things around innovation and technology, Bangalore or now known as Bengaluru, is one city where everybody is welcome and everybody is working towards building the next big thing. Whether you are a migrant, an expat, a traveller from India or abroad or simply, someone who belongs here – the charm of Bengaluru’s magnetic pull remains unbeatable. Be it lunching at MTR, taking long walks at Cubbon park, availability of quality workforce or simply falling in love with its pleasant weather, Bangalore has so much to offer. Below are 10 absolutely amazing reasons why Bangalore has a definitive competitive edge over other cities or countries of the world:

  1. Bengaluru’s image as the ‘Silicon Valley of India’ – Also known as the Garden City, Bengaluru has been ever-so efficiently able to manage the burgeoning demands of IT world. Featured as a force to be reckoned with on the world IT map, Bangalore has seen an exuberant rise in the local economy. Excelling in everything from accommodation, education, corporates, and transport, the knowledge-based industry is remarkable in this most happening city of Karnataka.  
  2. A globally empowering state with the highest number of IT professionals – Panned across 530 sq. km, Bengaluru has more than 1,000 IT companies and 175+ multinational giants, all employing thousands of professionals each year. Touted to be one of the biggest clusters of IT hubs globally, it’s a home to being a global powerhouse with an abundance of talents and technologies supporting start-up IT culture.
  3. Its backbone has and will always be the highest-quality education – It is the pioneering education system of Bengaluru that produces a constant flow of a highly scale-able workforce. As the best place to study, live and work in; this cosmopolitan city has a range of holistic education centres, esteemed professional colleges, evolving polytechnics, and globally renowned universities. From the likes of us, Presidency University, Bengaluru is scaling frontiers in the realm of empowering futures through education. Now, laying a formidable role in South India’s marketplace, we are tirelessly working towards honing competent and responsible professionals from the grassroots level. Whether it is the faculty, courses, infrastructure or diversity of students, we have rightfully become the most sought-after platforms of learning in modern India. Here are 10 reasons why Presidency University in Bengaluru is the pioneering education in South of India.
  4. Research and Development departments reign supreme – From National Aerospace Laboratories to being the ‘healing centre with telemedicine’, Bengaluru is known for its highly evolved and competent workforce. Right from SAP, Oracle, Google, Texas Instruments, Motorola, AMD, Philips, GE, Intuit and Microsoft, all have set up a base in this wondrous city.
  5. In Bengaluru, you are always close to nature – Housing Bannerghatta National Park that is spanned across 25,000 acres, this city truly lives to its lovable qualities of being the Garden City. Cubbon Park is spread across 100 acres and Lalbagh’s flowers shows are a visual treat, housing the biggest collection of tropical plants.
  6. Where the weather is always pleasant – Known for its romantic savanna climate all year long, its seasons are demarcated by wet and dry months. Owing to its high elevation, it has moderate climate all throughout the year ranging from 15°C to 32°C.
  7. Revolutionary meets happen over filter coffee and dosas at its historical food outlets– Dosas are not just dosas in Bengaluru, they are an enriched slice of history. Its legendary lineage is wrapped in the crispness of Balepet’s Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan, a 100-year-old hotel. Not to miss it being the birthplace of coffee culture in India. With CCD marking its territory at every corner of every street and the whiff of piping hot filter coffee at every nook and corner; Bengaluru is indeed a foodie paradise.
  8. Its incredible transportation – Similar to other developing and industrialized cities, Bengaluru boasts of a range of local transportation. On one hand, BMTC buses carry 50 lakh+ passengers every single day; on the other hand, Bengaluru’s Namma Metro, the city’s rapid transit railway service system has an average daily ridership of 315,000 passengers.  
  9. The pulse of the city runs on its cultural energy – Places, rather concepts, like Nrityagram Dance Village, which is a first-of-its-kind modern Gurukul residential school weaves a culturally enriched world of its own. It’s a dance village set up in 1990 by Odisha-based dancer Protima Gauri. Apart from this, the artists speak a fine language of theatre at various venues, such as Ranga Shankara, Ranvindra Kala Kshetra, Jagruti Theatre and Chowidah Memorial Hall. Not to miss, the city’s abundantly rich in historical places, such as Chokkanathaswamy temple, Shree Dodda Ganapathi Temple, Sri Gavi Gangadhareshwara Swamy Temple, ISKCON Bengaluru, Bengaluru Fort and St. Mary’s Basilica.
  10. A city that promotes holistic living and well-being – If the freshly painted walls at every other nook and corner of the city aren’t enough to inject a new lease of life and energy in your everyday life, then Yelahanka Air Force Base visual spectacle of the exquisite aero show is bound to showcase the city’s hands-on power with aircrafts. This is how right from the budding age, our university takes the onus of extra-curricular activities, such as hike expedition programs, fashion shows, dance events, photography clubs, tennis clubs and other such volunteering programs.

Keeping all these points in mind, one always has access to unparalleled opportunities at our university – something that always guarantees a better future. In a nutshell, Bengaluru is an education paradise to study at and Presidency University is at the core of this trend.