BBA – Supply Chain and Logistics

Supply Chain Management focuses on efficiently managing systems of people, resources, information that deal with the movement of a product or service from supplier to customer. Logistics entails planning and organizing the whole movement process. The aim is to optimise the supply chain in the most cost-effective way, helping companies to build a competitive edge.

The BBA Program with specialization in Supply Chain & Logistics covers the basic domains of Supply Chain Management including, Inventory Control, Supplier Development, Customer Service, Logistics, and Distribution. The Program also provides sound understanding of Logistics issues (Procurement, Warehousing, Packaging, Transportation), and to solve them by applying the tools and techniques used in logistics management to real-world situations.

n the present scenario there is an acute shortage of trained manpower in the Supply Chain Industry.
BBA graduates specialized in Supply Chain & Logistics Management have entry level career opportunities as Warehouse Operations Manager, Inventory Control Manager, Customer Service Manager, Materials Manager, Logistics Analyst, Purchase Manager and similar roles in International Logistics Organizations.


BBA in Supply Chain and Logistics