School of Design

Space Design

Programe Overview

A program that aims at enabling students to deal with Space and Built Environment. Designing or redesigning Interiors, Exteriors, or conceptualising and designing Exhibitions, Museums, or following Urban Design and more.

This program aims to enable the learners to deal with any built-space designing or redesigning, while creatively combining technical knowledge, cultural and social awareness, sustainability and economic responsibility. The learners will be able to enhance spatial environments through identification of user needs, their desires, human flow, ergonomics, aesthetics, environmental responsibility, material and light, with the intension to improve quality, style, comfort and safety of the space for the users. Also, the project-oriented curriculum is designed to provide learners with freedom to pursue their most loved area of work. For instance, learners inclined towards museum design will be encouraged to choose most of their projects in the said area.