Important dates for MBA- GDPI
Design Entrance Test-05.02.2020

School of Management

BBA – Business Analytics

Program Overview

Business analytics studies cover the technologies and skills utilized in the investigation and analysis of the past performances of businesses with the goal of gaining the proper insight to successfully drive business planning. It involves making business decisions based on statistics and data.

In today’s environment of big data, business analytics—evidence-based decision making—is being increasingly used to differentiate organization effectiveness across industries. Applications of Business Analytics can be found in almost every industry.

The curriculum of this BBA Program aims to equip students with theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in big data management, business intelligence, and business analytics technologies and techniques along with foundations in the principles and practices of Management. Strong programming skills in R, MS Excel, Tableau and Python are delivered with practical analytics applications.

BBA graduates specialized in Business Analytics have entry level career opportunities as Business Analyst, Quantitative Analyst, Business Operations Analyst, Operations Analyst, Data Analyst and such related roles in a wide variety of Organizations.