School of Design

B.Sc. – Multimedia (VFX, SFX & Gaming)

Programe Overview

B.Sc. Multimedia or Bachelor of Science in Multimedia is an undergraduate Animation and Multimedia course. The program begins with the fundamentals of Art & Design, which will stimulate creativity and imagination. The course includes Graphic Design for creating effective visual communication and Web Design for global communication through a website. Students are introduced to 3D concepts including Modelling, Texturing, Animation, and Lighting. They are also taught to master Professional Video Editing Techniques. Program trains the students in Advanced Art, Pre-Production, Shooting techniques, in order to specialize in Animation & Visual Effects.

B.Sc. Multimedia Eligibility

An applicant who has successfully completed Pre-University course or Senior Secondary School course (+2) or equivalent such as (11+1), ‘A’ level in Senior School Leaving Certificate Course) from a recognized University of India or outside or from Senior Secondary Board or equivalent, constituted or recognized by the Union or by the State Government of that country for the purpose of issue of qualifying certificate on successful completion of the course, may apply for and be admitted into the course.

B.Sc. Multimedia Course Suitability
The aim of this program is to introduce and prepare its students for a career in the Digital Media industry.
It seeks to achieve this by providing an environment that would foster the gaining and deployment of technical skills, knowledge, and methods that would enable them to take the position of a key team member in this rapidly developing and changing industry.

Multimedia Scope

  • This program deals with a blend of Art, Design, Media, and Animation. Projects include traditional art & design work, 2D & 3D digital animation, film making with advanced visual effects, and architectural visualization, thus culminating in the production of short animated works.
  • Graduates are hired in capacities such as Graphic and Web Designer, Concept and Storyboard Artist, 2D & 3D Animator, 3D Modelers, VFX Artist, Game Developer, Game Tester, Rigging Artist, Video Editor, Cinematographer, Online Editor, Web Designer, UI Designer, VR /AR content creator.
  • Career options include positions in various industries like Digital Design, Advertising, Film and Media, Education, OTT platforms.
  • Curriculum includes training in becoming a successful entrepreneur or a professional in leading production houses.

Programe Structure


Sem. I
Sr. No. Subjects of Study
1 Art & Creativity
2 Communicative English
3 Computer Fundamentals
4 Introduction to Computer Programming
5 Fundamentals of Multimedia
6 Environment Studies
Sem. II
1 Communication Skills & Personality Development
2 Communicative Hindi
3 Computer Graphics
4 HTML Basics
5 Desktop Publishing (Indesign & Photoshop)
Sem. III
1 Content Writing & Scripting
2 Photography
3 Animation Techniques
4 Website Designing using Dreamweaver
5 Vector Graphics (Coral Draw & Illustrator)
Sem. IV
1 Data Communication & Networking
2 Audio Production
3 Video Production
4 2D Animation (Flash)
5 Web Programming using PHP
Sem. V
1 Applications of Multimedia
2 Communication Technologies
3 Web Technologies
4 Special Effects
5 Non-Linear Editing (Final Cut Pro)
Sem. VI
1 Information Security
2 Interactive Courseware Designing
3 Mobile Computing
4 Organization Portfolio
5 Specialization (Elective)-
Elective I – Web Production (Multimedia Website)
Elective I – Advertisement Production (Ad Campaign)
Elective III – Animation Production (Animation Film)
Elective IV – Video Production (Short Film)
Elective V – Radio Production (Radio Talk/Drama)

Career Opportunities

B.Sc. Multimedia Employment Areas


Pearson, Scholastic, Harper & Collins, Thomson Reuters etc


IBM, Cognizant Tech Solutions, Accenture, Tata Interactive Services, GP-Strategies, Xerox


Publicis Group, Ogilvy & Mather, Mc Cann world Group, Lowe & Partners


Disney, Pixar, Dream works, Blue sky studios, Cartoon network studios, Studio Ghibli


FATbit, CliKGY creative, Ably soft, Forix web design, Cofa media, Southern web group.


King (Tell-tale games), Plain Vanilla games, Gungho online entertainment, Super cell, Tencent etc.


ABC news, Aljazeera, CNN, Sky news group, CNBC, Fox sports, Film Industry & others


VH1,BBC, iTV, Fox studios, Warner Brothers, Universal studio

B.Sc. Multimedia Job Types

Content Writer

Storyboard & Concept Artist

Character Designer

Layout and Background Artist



Digital Effect Animator

Digital Effect Painter


Pre-visualization Artist

Digital Artist

Visual Effects Supervisor