Faculty / Students Speak

MAANASA MANIKANDAN (Student Speak) I knew I wanted to major in communication design right from my first day here at SOD. There’s just something so fascinating about learning and designing mediums that help humans connect with each other. The classes are very engaging and interesting. We have both theoretical and studio classes and there is […]

B.Sc. – Data Science (Comp. Sc. , Statistics Mathematics)

B.Sc.   Data Science is a three-year full-time, interdisciplinary programme that combines the fields of Computer Science, Mathematics and Statistics. The objective of this programme is to prepare students to analyze data effectively and enable data-driven decisions. It enhances the mathematical, analytical and technical skills to interpret and understand big complex data sets and their relevance […]

B.Tech – IST [Spl. in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science]

The B.Tech. Program in Information Science and Technology  with specialization in  Artificial Intelligence and Data Science offered by Presidency University  aims at producing students with a sound understanding of the theory and practice of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science. The objective of this program is to prepare students to become industry ready and […]

B.Tech – ISE [Spl. in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics]

The B.Tech.Program  in Information Science and Engineering with specialization in  Artificial Intelligence and Robotics offered by Presidency University is a skill –oriented program which aims to prepare students for new age careers. Students will learn how to integrate AI and  robotics technology into business models, design new products or services, and transform processes to achieve […]

B.Sc. – Multimedia (VFX, SFX & Gaming)

B.Sc. Multimedia or Bachelor of Science in Multimedia is an undergraduate Animation and Multimedia course. The program begins with the fundamentals of Art & Design, which will stimulate creativity and imagination. The course includes Graphic Design for creating effective visual communication and Web Design for global communication through a website. Students are introduced to 3D […]

Learning Pedagogy

The Presidency Centre for Design Studies (PCDS) aims to provide higher education in Design that combines capabilities of critical and analytical thinking, research and practice-based Design learning. In a world that is rapidly becoming technology driven, being user and resource friendly is equally important. As is the importance of an understanding of how Design is […]

Why Design?

Design as a problem-solving method. Although nascent to Indian industry and society, it has gained tremendous popularity across the globe, and Design and Design Thinking have become key words to solve contemporary issues and concerns, including sustainability.. More and more industries seek to hire Designers to contribute to their growth and functioning, to drive their […]

Game Design

The Video Game industry today is experiencing a remarkable growth, grossing billions of dollars annually. Video games have been part of popular culture for decades, but it is only now in the 21st that we see its importance. Gaming is no more seen as a mere leisure activity, it has grown into a full-blown lucrative […]

Space Design

A program that aims at enabling students to deal with Space and Built Environment. Designing or redesigning Interiors, Exteriors, or conceptualising and designing Exhibitions, Museums, or following Urban Design and more. This program aims to enable the learners to deal with any built-space designing or redesigning, while creatively combining technical knowledge, cultural and social awareness, […]

Communication Design

This program focuses on the fundamentals of Communication Design, and enables learners to choose between Graphic Design and Visual Representation of information via electronic and new media. The specialization also provides an understanding of both pathways and their applications. The course will also offer inputs in motion graphics and introduction to special effects Communication has […]

Product Design

A technology driven integrated industrial design program that enables learners to design and develop digitally and technologically integrated products. This program will also allow learners to specialize in lifestyle and accessory design. The central idea of this program is to enable the learners to design and develop digitally and technologically integrated products, keeping in mind […]