Placement Overview

At Presidency University, we understand and value the importance of placement assistance in shaping the career of our students. We would like to be the preferred source of hiring for top recruiters and believe in making dedicated efforts to build long term relationships with our recruiting partners.

Along with academic excellence, equal focus and importance is given on preparing our students to face the challenges rising from the growing demands from the industry.

Emphasis is on investing more time in training, soft skills development, relevant certification programmes and calling for inputs from the industry in building and revising our curriculum and course structure at Presidency University.

Students also regularly get to interact with professionals from the industry to understand the career opportunities and practical aspects.

Placement Process – Learning skills :
At the University, Learning on Placement for the students happens as follows:

  • Soft Skills Training and Activities
  • Certification Programmes
  • Placement Preparation activities.

All students undergo extensive Soft Skills Training to improve their personality, communication skills, grooming and etiquette etc. This improves their confidence and helps them in effective interaction.

Monitored Internship programmes are the base works for any student to get placements in the final year.

School of Engineering:

For Engineering students, Professional Practice -I, an 8 week intensive programme is conducted during the summer vacation period is designed to expose the students to the Practicality of the Industry, to understand the needs. Professional Practice – II is conducted in the 8th semester for 12-15 weeks which will pave the way for Placements by the industries.

These Professional Practice I & II (PP) programmes are monitored by the faculty members and carries credit of marks awarded at the end of the programmes, and embedded in the curriculum.

In collaboration with leading Organizations, many Certification Programmes are conducted in relevant domain areas to enhance professional skills of students. These programmes are highly subsidized by the University.

Students undergo an intensive placement preparation where they get trained in resume preparation, participation in group discussions and personal interviews. Mock GD & personal interviews are conducted and video recorded for evaluation. There is an exclusive training team which prepares the students for facing the Placement Interviews by the Organizations.

School of Management:

For Management students there will be one Summer Internship Programme (SIP) for 2 months during their first year summer vacation period. Final year internship starts in the fourth semester, which prepares and leads the students to final Placements by the corporate in the relevant domains.

School of Law:

The Internship Program is one of the most important and valued aspects of the School of Law, Presidency University confirming our commitment to providing our students with the best possible educational experience.

The Internship helps to introduce and explore the roles and responsibilities of a lawyer. Exposure to an internship course may aid students in thinking about what sort of law practice or lawyering work they like most. Our internship is a mentored practice and it is a credited course starting from the third semester. This way the students will get a head start on learning the skills they will need when they begin their careers.

School of Law, Presidency University co-ordinates internships at various government agencies, nonprofits, companies and law firms both in and outside Bangalore.  Many students take advantage of the summer term, spend four weeks off campus in a clinical setting and then come back to campus to begin their new semester.  

Exclusivity factor 

1. Institutionalized.

2. Mentored.

3. Academic Flexibility which embeds internship in the curriculum. 

4. Credited Course.

5. Good Networking with companies, firms, NGOs and Advocates offices. 

6. Guest Speakers both from the Bar and the Bench.

7. Simulation Exercises to bridge the gap between theory and practice. 

8. Separate, Committed and distinct Committee to take care of Internships.  


  • The Placement Team visits/Interacts with the Organizations and sends invitation to the Recruiters with relevant details of the students regarding the Final Placements.
  • Recruiters convey their intention to participate by submitting a mail or ITH Form (Intend to Hire- Format) to the University.
  • The Organizations will inform the Placement team on the No of vacancies date of interview, Hiring process, their requirements, Venue and other details, and Job Descriptions.
  • The Placement Team communicates the dates for campus visit for each recruiter after considering factors like student preference, job profile etc
  • The concerned department informs students through the Team of faculty Placement Coordinators and Student coordinator by e- mail, SMS and Circulars.
  • All the students are expected and advised to attend and undergo the Placement Training programmes and Pre Placement Talks by the companies. Attendance on the above is mandatory to get eligibility.
  • Organizations are encouraged to give pre-placement talks before the commencement of recruitment process. This gives students a chance to know more about the company, work culture, growth opportunities and learning and advancement opportunity at the organization. They will also get a clear idea of the kind of profile that they would be working on. This would enable the students to make an informed choice and help enhance the effectiveness of the company’s selection process.
  • HR of the companies may conduct different rounds of selection process and inform the names of selected students to the Placement Department, which in turn shall inform the concerned students of the same.
  • Final Job Offers would be provided by the Organizations, which shall be accepted and acknowledged by the students. All the job offers will be channeled through the Placement Department only.
  • A Job Offer is considered to be valid only if the Placement Department is in receipt of the written communication of the same, from the students.
  • List of selected students should be announced by the department after the company sends formal communication.
  • Presidency University follows ‘One Offer per Student’ policy and a student’s name will be automatically deleted from the placement process as soon as she/he receives a firm Job Offer from any organization and will not be eligible to participate in further placement process.
  • Students will be given enough opportunity to attend and utilize their skills and encouraged to take up opportunities, once selected. Students rejecting offers once accepted is not acceptable and it would disqualify him from further placement opportunity.
  • Placement department directed by the advice of the Vice Chancellor, and updates and results will be amended as per the advice of the concerned Dean and Vice chancellor.

Contact person for Placements and Internships:

Director Placements
Mobile: 9742230202/ 9501664852
Mail:[email protected]
Mail:[email protected]

Prof.V.S.PRASANNA VENKATESAN, Sr.Manager-Placements & Corporate Relations
Mail:[email protected]
Mail:[email protected]
Mob: 80956 66299

Senior Manager – Placements.
Mail: [email protected]
Mob: 9844418578

Manager Placements (Engineering)
Mobile: 7845923384/ 8667373611
Mail:d[email protected]
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