Opportunities and Scope for Computer Engineers – Latest Trends and Technologies


The Information & Technology (IT) Sector in the country is forever growing. This industry has been the growth engine of the country for the past couple of decades. One of the biggest professions in this industry is of the computer engineer. Computer engineering can be divided into three categories – software engineering, hardware engineering, and network engineering. At Presidency University, we have an amazing computer engineering program that will set students on a course for having a wonderful education and a great career.

What Roles can they Offer?

Students, who specialize in software engineering, find jobs where they are required to develop software, make programs, develop applications for web and smartphones, and make new innovations in software. Hardware engineers have everything to do with the physical aspects of computers and other related products. Hardware engineers are the ones responsible for some of the most innovative computer designs we are seeing today. And finally, networking engineers are responsible for the creation and maintenance of networks and systems. Network engineers are employed in companies with a large I.T. infrastructure.

Latest Trends – Cloud Computing

Cloud technology is one of the most upcoming technologies in I.T. Cloud technology allows the remote storage, management, and operation of computing processes. Cloud does not literally mean all the processes and data is stored somewhere in the sky. This data and processes are saved in and managed through remotely located servers that are highly secure and packed with the latest technology.

Cloud Computing Role, Market and Career Potential

According to a comprehensive research study by Oracle, the cloud computing industry is going to be a $10 billion industry in India alone by the year 2020. India is set to be a huge hub for cloud technology. More than 50% of the I.T. companies in the country are moving data and processes on to the cloud platform. There’s going to be a high demand for employment in the industry.

At Presidency University, latest, upcoming technologies are an important part of the curriculum of the computer engineering curriculum, which includes cloud computing. We have comprehensive programs regarding design, architecture, development, and maintenance of cloud computing.

Industry entry-level jobs in the cloud can fetch you a good salary in the range in between INR 200,000-500,000. Mid-level jobs will get a salary ranging in between INR 500,000-800,000, and senior level cloud computing jobs earn an average salary upwards of INR 800,000+.

Data Science

Data growth is now faster than ever. Owing to the coming of the digital age, it is now a key component. It is going to be one of the main drivers of technology in the next decades. Exponential growth is on the horizon as there are many applications of information and data that are being generated. Therefore, data science is now the prime focus for research and development.

Presidency University’s Engineering Program for Data Science

Presidency University provides Bachelor of Technology in Computer Engineering course that’s a four-year program in which one can specialise in Data Science. The course is a mix of statistics, mathematics, design and computer programming, and how they are used to manage digital data.

Presidency University has one of the strongest computer engineering courses in Bangalore. We also have a strong roster of faculty, who have studied in the best colleges, and worked in the biggest companies in the country. Therefore, an admission in our computer engineering program is a guarantee for a successful career. Admissions are on now, so enquire at the earliest.