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National Conference on Cognitive Computing 2019

April 29, 2019 | News & Events

“ In the past, data was moving towards processing and now the time has changed, that is, the processing is moving towards massive data or data warehousing. There has been a paradigm shift from Artificial Intelligence to machine learning, and now from machine learning to deep learning which evolves from the period 1950’s to 2010”. This was stated by Dr. Bindu Madhava, Senior Director, Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Bengaluru. He was speaking as Chief Guest on the occasion of the inauguration of National Conference on Cognitive Computing 2019 held at Presidency University, Bengaluru, on Friday, 26th April 2019.
Continuing his speech, Dr Bindu Madhava said, Cognitive computing simulates the human thoughts and is going to be the future of Computing though the concept started long back when people thought about Artificial Intelligence. This concept is going to be one among the top ten technologies to dominate the world in next few decades. In the past, we thought of how to increase the speed of the computers but now we are trying to tame the machine to think like human being”. Dr Bindu Madhava advised the research community to create new algorithms for machine learning. The evolution of communication system from 4G to 5G is going to support in larger scale in near future, he added.
Speaking on the occasion, Pro Chancellor, Prof. Vijayan Immanuel paid glowing tributes to C-DAC which has been conducting research in the cutting edge of technology and is credited with producing the first supercomputer, Param in India.

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Radha Padmanabhan, said that as a technology, Cognitive Computing is very exciting. However, we should use it as a support to the human intelligence and it cannot replace human intelligence. Dr. K. G. Mohan, Professor and Head of the Department of Computer Science said that 75 papers from 23 institutions from different parts of the country have been received for presentation at the conference out of which 48 papers were selected for presentation.

In the beginning, Prof. Prabhakar Reddy, Dean, School of Engineering, welcomed the gathering.
Main speaker on the 2nd day of the Conference was Dr G. K. Patra, Senior Principal Scientist and Associate Dean, CSIR Fourth Paradigm Institute, Bengaluru. With several examples, Dr Patra made an exhaustive presentation on how cognitive computing can be used to control traffic lights, so that the traffic can be managed in an efficient manner. Dr Patra used Reinforced Learning technology for this purpose, which is based on machine learning paradigm.

Two days conference saw presentations from computer scientists from 22 institutions from different parts of India. Present on the occasion of the valedictory function were : Dr. G.K. Patra, Dr. Ishwara Bhat, Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr Prabhakara Reddy, Dean, School of Engineering, Dr Kalaiarasan, Associate Dean, School of Engineering, Dr K. G. Mohan, Head of the Department of Computer Science, Presidency University. Best paper awards were given for papers in two categories : Faculty and Students. In his presidential address, Dean Prof. Reddy called for more researches in this area which might lead to an international conference in future to be hosted by the university. In the end, Prof. K. G. Mohan, Professor and Head of the Department proposed the vote of thanks.