My Experience at Presidency University Bangalore


I am studying at Presidency University for the past 2 years, and I have seen a lot in these 2 years. I am going to write about my experience here in the most honest way as possible because I know many students and parents might form their opinion based on my experience.

My parents and I enquired about all the colleges in Bangalore and finally zeroed in on Presidency University. We first even toured the campus before admission and enquired with a few students. They were also happy with the fee amount and fee structure. Finally, I took admission in the School of Management at Presidency University.

My Academic Experience

I am going to honestly say that my academic experience so far has been an excellent one. I am in the second year of my MBA course with a specialization in finance. Before admission, I researched about the course that was being taught, and I found it to be excellent. It is a mix of traditional knowledge, and modern methods. It is contemporary and dynamic. We also get to interact with industry experts. I really like what is being taught, and I am happy with the curriculum. Even in my first year, I learned a lot, and when I compare myself to friends from other MBA colleges, I feel I have learned more.

Faculty Experience

I did my graduation from another college, and when compared to Presidency University, I found that college to fall short, especially in the faculty department. The faculty of the School of Management is a great mix of young, dynamic professors and experienced professors. Most of them come from prestigious universities themselves and have also worked in big companies. Their teaching method is 50-50 – 50% lectures and 50% student interactions. It is the right balance between serious and fun, which my fellow students and I absolutely love. Many lectures are taken by actual company executives, which I doubt happens in many colleges. The faculty is also friendly and knowledgeable. We can easily approach them regarding any issue, without any worry.

Social Environment

A college cannot all be about education. Students need to have a social life, and I am happy that at Presidency University, we all have access to a good social environment. It is not just the students who take the initiative, the faculty and management also do the same. Extracurricular activities are encouraged. We have separate clubs like chess club, debate club, art club, etc, where students can go after lectures are over. There are also many monthly and annual events which the college organizes for us. It is always a warm and friendly atmosphere at the college.

Presidency University has really set us up for the next level. Just after finishing my first year in the course, the college even gets my first internship during my vacation. It was no small company. I learned a lot on the internship and got to experience what a full-time job feels like. Also, I have to mention the top-notch infrastructure. The modern technology available to us sure takes our education over to the next level.

I am really happy with my decision to take admission in the School of Management of Presidency University, and I am confident of doing well in my course and get a good job in the field of finance. I will gladly recommend Presidency University to anyone looking for a great education.