MBA Finance vs MBA Marketing – Which is a Better Career Choice?

Now that you’ve decided that you want to do an MBA, the next step for you is to know what specialization to choose – MBA Finance or MBA Marketing – which is the better career choice for you? Choosing among them can be difficult, but there are many factors that you can consider to get a clearer picture. Here’s how you make the all-important decision.

Your Personality

This is one of the most important factors to consider. If you are talkative, confident person and an extrovert, MBA Marketing would be the right option for you to consider. This profession requires you to do fieldwork, and interact with people to boost sales, conduct surveys, and do market research.

If you are good with money and numbers then MBA Finance would be the right direction. This profession has everything to do with numbers, and there is no fieldwork. You will mostly be working in an office. So, if you are the kind who enjoys being in the office, you should choose MBA Finance.


In MBA Marketing, you study subjects like Market-oriented Strategy Planning, Marketing Analytics, Digital Marketing, Pricing, Retail Management, Customer Relationship Management, etc. However, the subjects also depend on the college or university you are doing your MBA from.

In MBA Finance, you have an important subject like Financial Risk Management, Derivatives Management, Corporate Finance, Business Accounting, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, etc. Therefore, if these subjects interest you, you should do MBA Finance.


These are the prevalent professions in MBA Marketing:

Marketing Manager – This is the person who is in charge of marketing the products and services of the company they are working in.

Brand Manager – The brand manager looks after the brand presence of the company. They have to create brand value, and have to market the brand through various mediums to be recognizable.

Sales Manager – The sales manager has to ensure all sales targets are met. They have to manage all the sales executives and other salespeople.

Market Research Analyst – Market research allows companies to make sense of data to make sales projections, launch new products, and foresee. The market research analyst is the person who helps management analyze data patterns and make informed decisions.

Digital Marketing Specialist – The digital marketing specialist has to make digital strategies, conduct campaigns, manage resources, and manage everything related to the digital marketing medium.

These are the most popular professions for MBA Finance graduates

Financial Analyst – A financial analyst analyzes the financial condition of the company, and prepares reports for the management to make important decisions regarding the finances of the company.

Investment Banker – This is one of the most sought-after professions. Investment bankers are the people in charge of making investment and giving investment advice to clients. They have to manage their investment portfolio and ensure they get good returns.

Auditor – Auditors conduct financial audits of organizations to look for any discrepancies or other issues in the finance. Their reports have legal standing. One can work as an auditor for a company or become an independent auditor for hire after gaining experience.

Financial Controller – The title is quite self-explanatory. The financial controller is in charge of controlling the finances in a company. They are a part of all major financial decisions.

Hopefully, the above-stated points will help you decide whether to do MBA Marketing or Finance. What’s important is that you do it from a university like Presidency University. Presidency University’s B-School, School of Management has the best, international standard courses for Marketing and Finance. Admissions fill up fast, so enquire today!