The afternoon of Friday, 8th December was eventful for the students of the School Of Management, Presidency University. A group of 15 students along with faculty visited the Kakolu Government High School; Bangalore, India spent more than a couple of hours sharing the 17 goals of the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network Solutions Network, with examples from everyday life. The post graduate students worked on a presentation with visual aids like charts and spoke in Kannada – the local language and the medium of instruction in the school that they visited. They also conducted a drawing/sketching competition after the presentation. The entire activity was planned and executed by the students right from the logistics, resources, travel and snacks for the school children.

Know your goals

The children in the school were in the age bracket of 12 to 16 and came from the 22 villages around the school. Their parents are mostly illiterate and work hard for a meagre existence. The Government supports these children by providing cycles to commute and milk in the morning followed by a hot lunch at school. The children being mostly first generation school goers with complete support of the faculty have been doing very well academically as well.

The group made up of about 150 children displayed a mature understanding of the goals themselves and what it would entail to work towards them post the presentation. The first prize went to Sandeep who used a weighing scale with a male and a female on either side, showing gender equality in a simple and clear way. Another entry showed the Earth like a boat on the high seas.

On being asked which goal would be of primary importance to them, the children chose goals ranging from Gender Equality, No Poverty, Good Health and Well Being which were perhaps the issues that they were facing as well directly or indirectly.

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