Key Points to Consider Before Appearing for an Interview


Finding the perfect job and company is a dream for many individuals. Let’s assume, you’ve cleared the first telephonic round and now you are being called for a one-on-one interview. This is where the main work starts because mastering the skill of an interview is one thing. However, doing your homework and preparing for the interview is a whole different story. One moment the interview starts off as a smooth ride, but it can end miserably. One cannot predict the outcome of an interview. These are some of the key points that will help you to shine through your interview with bright colors.

1. Research – Researching the company is the first step towards a successful interview. You need to research about the company’s product, services, the customers, competitors, the industry they are into, etc. This will give you a confidence boost to get you started.

2. Prepare – Pen, notepad, additional copies of resume, and reference letter (if possible) need to be carried along during the interview. Along with these set of items, carry your work or portfolio samples about your work if you’re in the field of journalism, architecture, fashion, advertising, and many creative fields. To show your interest in the job asks the interviewer with a few sets of questions such as the quality of the interview.

3. Dress Sharp and Look Enthusiastic – You would want to be dressed as sharp as possible with the best formal shirt, pant, tie, and shoes. Along with the clothes, you would want to look presentable with a neat haircut and clean shaven. If the interview gets nerve-wracking, try asking questions or answer the questions in a more enthusiastic manner that will take away the nervousness.

4. Arrive Early – When you know the time scheduled for your interview, it would be wise to reach the lace 20 to 25 minutes prior. There are chances that you may get lost and not get the proper location where the interview is held. Plus, arriving early gives a positive impression on the eyes and minds of the interviewer.

5. Use Examples to Answer Confidently – Don’t bore your interviewer with boring information as this will reduce the chance of you getting selected. Instead, use examples and tell them based on story mode that will not only sound interesting but also attract the interviewer to hire you. If they ask you about a challenging situation as to how you handled, tell them with the help of numbers to quantify them.

6. Open your Ears – It is important to consider stop speaking when a question is asked. Many amateurs make the mistake of talking non-stop without noticing the fact that their answers are all wrong. Instead, listen to the questions asked by the interviewer and then carefully answer them accordingly. This will give you a huge benefit over your competitors and improve your chance of getting selected.

7. Revise Everything – Now you know the things to consider you need to revise everything about yourself. You may be asked questions based on your unique quality, accomplishments, examples, anecdotes, specific skills. Carefully answer to these questions which will help you to boost your confidence and appear less nervous.

Consider these things and study them carefully. If you do your homework with dedication, no one or nothing will stop you from getting through. You may never know the interviewer may hire you with a better package. All the best!