‘’JAN ANDOLAN CAMPAIGN – Covid 19 pledge’’ An initiative as per UGC

The Presidency University has organised ’JAN ANDOLAN CAMPAIGN – Covid 19 pledge’’ on 15/10/2020 and 16/10/2020 in the University premises for creating awareness and necessary precautions that prevent the spread of Corona virus.
This initiative is as per the letter (D.O. No F1-1/2020- Secy) received from UGC dated 08/10/2020 on the subject Jan Andolan Campaign COVID-19, and it is said that Facilitation of pledge has to be done to all the fraternity of Presidency University.

The event was led by Dr. Snehaprabha T V, Director- DSA with strict administration by the DSA team. Vice Chancellor, Pro Vice chancellor, Deans, HOD’s and other dignitaries were present to take the pledge. The copy of the pledge is attached herewith for everybody’s reference.
Posters, banners and billboards are placed in prominent places of university to encourage everyone to follow the key COVID appropriate behaviours. The dissemination of Campaign on COVID-19 is done via website and Social media also

Vice Chancellor, Director, Chancellor’s office taking the pledge, Director DSA reading the pledge.
All promised to follow the appropriate behaviours like wearing a mask / face cover in public places, maintaining a minimum distance of 6 feet from others, washing hands frequently and thoroughly with soap and water for fighting against COVID- 19
The event concluded with vote of thanks from DSA for their active participation and enthusiasm.




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