How to Choose Best Engineering College in India

Engineering is a wonderful profession in which you can make a good career, and even earn a high income. But you need to be sure of the stream of engineering, and you have to do engineering from a good college, especially in a country like India. It can be a daunting task as you are about to make a career-changing decision. Here’s some help on how to go on about, and choosing the right stream and engineering college for your dream career.

Choosing an Engineering stream

This is the first step – choosing the right engineering stream. Most people don’t become engineers for the sake of it. They all have a certain subject they are attracted to, and based on what you like you have to choose an engineering stream. For example, if you are fascinated by building and skyscrapers, you can choose to be a civil engineer, or if machines excite you, you can become a mechanical engineer. It is important that you like the engineering stream you are doing, and have a passion for it, or you may not make it through engineering.

Considering & Categorizing Colleges

Once you know what kind of engineering degree you want, the next important step is choosing or at least shortlisting the right colleges for the said engineering degree. College matters a lot, especially when it comes to getting you a job in a company where you will become even better. Make a list of the best colleges that you think have a good engineering course. Research online, ask around, and shortlist a good number of colleges. Be sure to make the list impartially.

Rank your Priorities

Of all the shortlisted ones, rank the ones you are interested in. Surely, there are engineering colleges you would prefer to go to, so, give ranking accordingly for further scrutinization.

Choice of Location

Choose the ones that are located more conveniently closer to your residence. Of course, the colleges that are right in your city should be ranked higher. However, if you are okay with staying in another city then choose the location that you’d want to live in. In fact, passionate students have no issues with shifting to another city for their engineering.

Rank-Wise College Predictor

If you are still having trouble ranking, use this online predictor application that will help with ranking the engineering colleges.


Now that you have zeroed in on a few good colleges, it is time for you to do a comparison. First, compare the infrastructure of the college. It is important for engineering that you have access to good classes, seminar halls, and technology as a part of the course.


They are the ones that are going to be teaching you everything. Therefore, faculty has to be good and highly rated by the former students. You can also find out about them online.


Facilities play a huge role in the overall campus life. Good facilities ensure the students are able to study and function at their optimal best. So, take a close look at the facilities of the college.


And the final criteria for you to judge on are the placements. Find out all batches are getting 100% placements, and what kind of companies are coming for their campus placements. Also find out the placement offers and salary packages the students are getting.

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