How to Change Name in a Birth Certificate in Bangalore

  1. Submit an Affidavit of name change in your respective district court (Eg. Mayo Hall in Bangalore) before a Magistrate or Notary Public. In the affidavit, mention the current name and the desired new name. Also mention in brief the reason for name change. The affidavit must be made on a Non-Judicial stamp paper of minimal value (not more than Rs.10 or Rs.20)
  2. It is preferable to use the assistance of an advocate to prepare the affidavit in a legally appropriate format.
  3. Also submit attested proof of Indian citizenship along with the affidavit. The document becomes valid/ recognised if signed by the Magistrate or Notary.
  4. Publish announcement of name change in two local newspapers- one in the local official language and another in English. This is required by law, to invite objections (only if any) to the name change, allowing them an opportunity to take it up with the authorities.
  5. Publish an advertisement of the name change in the Official Gazette of your respective state. This is also called Gazette Notification. This can be done by approaching the Government Press of Karnataka and submit form for the same, furnishing details such as old and new name, address etc.
  6. Pay the prescribed fees.
  7. Your name change notification will be published in the state’s Official Gazette. Copies of the same will be sent to the address given by you


In case the state does not allow printing of name change in Official Gazette, you can get your name change notification published in the Gazette of India, officially completing the process. Apply for name change in all other official ID documents such as Passport, PAN Card, Driver’s Licence, Ration card etc. Copies of affidavit, newspaper ads and Gazette notification should suffice as proof of name change.

8.To apply for name change in bank accounts, submit affidavit and Gazette Notification as proof of name change and new passport, PAN card, DL etc. as ID proof.

  1. To apply for name change after marriage, a copy of the Marriage certificate will suffice for changing name in all government documents. In case of unavailability of marriage certificate, a joint Affidavit by husband and wife with a joint photograph declaring their marriage should be acceptable.


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