Social media has been the biggest game-changer in the last couple of decades. From being simple platforms for people to exchange messages and pictures, to becoming the biggest platforms for online marketing and sales, social media has come up leaps and bounds. It is now an integral part of daily life, so much so, that it also affects the chances of us getting jobs. Yes, it is now a legit practice for recruiter to check social media profile of potential recruits. There have been cases where people have lost their jobs because of comments they have made or things they shared online. You have to be careful of your image on social media.

Use Social Media to Your Benefit

Many companies hire employees or agencies to manage their online reputation. This is called ORM (Online Reputation Management). This shows how serious companies are about their image. So why won’t they make sure their employees are also projecting a good online image. HR recruiters are now checking out potential employees’ social media profiles before or after interviews. More than half of the recruiters look at Facebook profiles, while a staggering 80% look at LinkedIn profiles. The higher figure is understandable for LinkedIn as this is a social media platform for professionals. What recruiters see online can affect their decision to hire you. The good thing with this practice is that you can use social media to your benefit. Here’s what you can do:-

What to Avoid on Social Media

Since social media is a free platform, there is rarely any filter on the content one can find online. There are so many things you have to avoid to project a good image on your social platforms. Here are some of them:-

What Recruiters Looking For?

Recruiters are looking for people who project a clean and professional image in their personal life as well i.e. their social media. They are looking for people who are serious about life and success. Also, companies look for people who share their ideologies.

Should people be judged for their online persona is a debate that will rage on for a long time. For now, make your social media presence does affect your chances of getting a job.

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