Bachelor of Commerce is a 3-year long degree course. For 11th & 12th standard, you choose to specialize in arts, commerce or science. Commerce students go on do B.Com. However, students of arts and science can also change steams and move to B.Com. Though most commerce graduates get decent careers, they cannot grow beyond a certain point. However, combining with a specialization opens doors for a successful career.

B.Com. with Top Specializations

B.Com with Corporate Accounting & Taxation

The Corporate Accounting & Taxation specialization is for students who have a knack for mathematics. You can make a good career in this as corporations are growing, and there is need for experts who know corporate accounting and taxation. You can attain departmental head and managerial positions with this degree.

B.Com Banking & Finance

The private and public sectors banks are growing. They need expert employees to manage the growth. There’s also a need for banking & finance specialists in the corporate sector. You can also work in the investment field. With this specialization, you can get high paying jobs like investment banker, investment analyst, market analyst, and corporate analyst.

B.Com (Hons) – Business Analytics

This is an upcoming specialization for students interested in data analytics. In business analytics, data, and statistics are used to analyze a business and make decisions. There are other disciplines as well you can move to within the realm of business analytics.

B.Com (Hons) – Corporate Accounting with CMA US

B.Com (Hons) Corporate Accounting with CMA US specialization takes you deep into corporate accounting. CMA US is a high-level credential with value all over the world. Professionals with this degree have to ensure the company they work for is compliant with the laws. One can even get jobs overseas with this degree.

B.Com in Economics

Students of this specialization get to study economics at a much deeper level. Students study economics on a macro and micro level. They also gain an understanding of financial issues faced by an organization. Graduates are hired by companies to look after and solve their financial issues.

B.Com in Management Studies

B.Com in Management Studies offers students education in management and operational issues faced by a company. Students also learn subjects like trade & labour markets, commercialization, customer demands, and statistical research. This is a tough specialization as students require more than 65% percentage in the 12th.

B.Com in Computer Applications

B.Com in Computer Applications graduates are proficient in using computer applications for various tasks in the industry they are employed in. Graduates find jobs across various fields such as e-commerce, digital marketing, insurance, accounting, and stock markets.

B.Com in Law

This specialization perfectly blends commerce and law. This is an enviable combination and students who do this specialization are high in the demand in the commerce side of the law. You get to learn many subjects related to law and commerce.

B.Com in Marketing

Learn how to manage and plan for marketing through this specialization. Along with the principles and theories of commerce, you learn the principle of marketing, and use them to analyze, plan, strategize and execute campaigns and tasks.

B.Com in E-Commerce

E-commerce is the future. This field is growing at a great pace. Therefore, there is a huge need for professionals. Students of this discipline learn all about the online business practices.

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