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Guest Lecture on “Autonomous Car and Deep Learning”

October 15, 2018 | News & Events

Guest Lecture on “Autonomous Car and Deep Learning” organized on 10th October 2018

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering organized a Guest lecture on “Autonomous Car and Deep Learning” on 10th October 2018. The speaker for the lecture was Dr. R.J. Anandhi, Professor and Head of the Department of Information Science & Engineering at New Horizon College of Engineering, Bengaluru.

Dr. R.J. Anandhi gave an insightful glimpse into the world of Autonomous Car and Deep Learning to the enthusiastic and interested audience. She also introduced the participants to many exclusive examples and challenges in the world at large with reference to the ethical aspects which is a sensitive issue for driverless vehicles and also gave an insight to Machine Learning which is an emerging area of research. Audience were also introduced to live examples of how people now interact with systems based on machine learning every day, for example in image recognition systems, such as those used on social media; voice recognition systems, used by virtual personal assistants; and recommendation systems, such as those used by online retailers where machine learning shows promise of supporting potentially transformative advances in a range of areas. She mentioned that the future will see plenty of social and economic opportunities coming up as a result of Deep Learning.

The excellent and most illuminating technical lecture by the Guest speaker was received with great enthusiasm. After the speech she encouraged audience to ask clarifications and they were equally enthusiastic in the questions raised and answers received.

Besides students and faculty, the program was attended by Pro Vice Chancellor, Deans and Head of the Department of E & C department, Prof Shilpa Mehta.