Future Scope of Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering. Mechanical engineers have been thriving ever since the industrial age. They are the ones responsible for the inventions and innovations of modern technology. Mechanical engineering is seeing a further boost thanks to today’s fast-growing technology. The profession is all about making smart designs and concepts, making use mathematics, physics, and chemistry. Therefore, there is a lot of scope if one wants to make a career in mechanical engineering. Previously, it used to be about industrial machinery and automotive industry, but now mechanical engineering is a part of many industries.

Design Engineering
Design engineering is all about designing and engineering a product in such a way that it looks good and performs at its optimal best. There was a time when there used to be a compromise design and functionality. If the design was good, the functioning was not great and if the functioning was excellent, the design suffered. But that has changed. Thanks to design engineers, today’s products look great and work great. Design engineers are used in many industries like automotive, cell phones, electrical, computer hardware, etc. Designers engineers are quite sought after and many engineers in even find high-paying jobs in Western countries as they are the hubs for research and development.

Aerospace Engineering
The space race has been reignited. The last time, humanity had gone to the Moon. This time, we are going to Mars. We are also planning to start space tourism. Airplane manufacturing is also doing well, with the manufacturing of better, more fuel-efficient planes. And defense budgets around the world are also increasing, giving a boost to the defense aviation industry. Therefore, aerospace engineers have a lot of scope to make fruitful, successful careers. An aerospace engineer is quite an interesting profession and students who have a love for flight should consider this.

Thermodynamic Engineering
This is a branch of engineering that goes deep into physics of entropy and energy. The end result is products that are high on performance. Their work is used to make better products in the energy industry, air-conditioning & refrigeration industry, aerospace, space travel, and automotive. Thermodynamic engineering had many applications and there is a huge demand for such engineers. Since a deep understanding of physics is required, thermodynamic engineers make a good living, as it is quite an expert profession.

Manufacturing Engineering
The layperson does not even have an idea of the ultra-efficient machines and assembly lines that are employed in the manufacturing of their favourite products. It is the brilliant manufacturing engineers who design and develop such machinery. This machinery is quite important as it ensures our products are expertly made and are safe to use. Their work also affects the price of the products. In a growing economy where the industry is booming, manufacturing engineers are high in demand. They are also quite sought after in industries that require an overhaul in technology and manufacturing for better, and cheaper manufacturing.

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