Faculty training program EEE

FTP on “An Emphasis on Course Objectives & Delivery for Effective Teaching Outcomes of Power System and its Real World Applications”

A two days faculty training program on “AN EMPHASIS ON COURSE OBJECTIVES & DELIVERY FOR EFFECTIVE TEACHING OUTCOMES OF POWER SYSTEM AND ITS REAL WORLD APPLICATIONS” was organized by the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, School of Engineering, Presidency University in association with PRDC, Bangalore on 25th & 26th July 2018. The purpose of this FTP was to provide opportunities to faculty members and undergraduate students to enrich their teaching skills and research in the field of power system analysis, load flow analysis, short circuit analysis, and transient stability studies. The program also intended to train the participants for simulation with advanced software MiPower in the relevant field for inculcating learning values in students and guiding and monitoring their progress.

On first day Session I, Dr. R. Nagaraja, Managing Director, PRDC, Bangalore delivered keynote address on “Power System Analysis and its importance’’ with “Load flow studies and its practical considerations’’.
In Session II, the hands-on sessions were handled by an R&D engineer, Mr. Saurab from PRDC Pvt. Ltd. They introduced the basic features of the software like how to create a database and GUI application.
On second Day, Session – I, Mr. Nitesh Kumar, Team lead, R&D, PRDC Bangalore gave an insight on Short circuit studies and Transient stability study.

On second Day, Session II, the hands-on sessions were handled by the R&D engineer, Mr. Saurab from PRDC Pvt. Ltd. He introduced simulation of transmission line parameters and their calculations, use of basic load flow algorithms, short-circuit analysis and the method of symmetrical components were covered in detail.

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