Five Reasons to Study Law from Presidency University


Studying law is difficult, and takes a lot of hard work and commitment. To be a good lawyer, one must be a good, confident speaker, debater, critical thinker, and problem solver. If you’ve chosen to get into this amazing profession then choose only the School of Law at Presidency University. It is ranked as one of the top 10 promising law schools in India. Our students today are winning accolades at national and international stages, and the professional world. However, if you still need to know more, here are five reasons to study law from Presidency University.

Highly Innovative Curriculum

The law courses have a current and international outlook with scope for highly innovative and experiential learning practices. Along with maintaining industry standards, our curriculum ensures all our laws students become free thinkers and subject matter experts. It is a rigorous curriculum meant for students who are serious about practicing law and making it their profession.

Learn from Leading Legal Scholars

Presidency University has ties with some of the biggest names in the legal industry, and many of these revered and established legal scholars, come to interact with the law students. They take lectures and seminars, study cases, and discuss the current legal scenario of the country. Our students get to learn first-hand from these stalwarts of the industry, and this is something only a few law schools in the country can do for their students.

Practical Exposure

It is one thing to about read about laws and cases in the textbook, but it is completely different to argue a case in the courtroom. We bridge this gap by giving our students practical knowledge to give them an experience of how actual court proceedings are going to be. Our students learn a healthy mix of theory and practical knowledge that sets them up for the real world. Moot Court Practice is the closest students get to argue a real case. These practices are overseen by the professor, and at the end, students get a thorough experience of a real case.

Excellent Faculty

When it comes to teaching law, the faculty plays the most important part. Learning law can become boring, and sometimes complicated. Our excellent faculty ensures that the students get the best knowledge in the most interesting manner. Our faculty is highly qualified and experienced lawyers and professors from some of the biggest universities and law firms. They’ve studied at world renowned universities, and worked in world renowned law firms, and bring their enviable talent to the students of School of Law of Presidency University.

Student Activities

Furthermore, there are student activities that enhance the law course. These activities all are about being active and creative outside the classrooms as well. These activities keep you smart and sharp and help you become a better student. They are also great stress relievers. The students get to form a Students Bar Council, and get to manage the Moot Court Practice, media & PR committee, debate committee, internship & placement committee, and more. These activities place power in the hands of the students.

The above mentioned are the main reasons to study law from Presidency University, but there more. At the end of every year, students get work as interns in law firms, and get a huge variety of law specializations to choose from. If you choose Presidency University’s School of Law, you are on the right path to becoming a lawyer. Admissions are on now, so you can enquire in detail about the courses, and even pay a visit to the university. However, hurry as admissions get full quickly.

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