Dr. Sapna S

Namae: Dr. Sapna S

Designation: Professor and Dean, SOL.

Department: School of Law

Dr. Sapna .S is a gender specialist with Doctorate from National Law School, Bengaluru on Gender Dimensions in the Employment. She is currently the Professor and Dean, School of Law, Presidency University. She has over 7 years of experience with gender projects. As Director of a Gender Centre, BILS Centre for Applied Research in Law, her responsibilities included design, planning, implementation and evaluation activities especially in the field of Violence against women and sexual harassment of women at workplace. She has also worked as researcher for Centre for Women and Law (CWL), National Law School of India University (NLSIU) and on the Ford Foundation Project on Human Rights Advocacy at NLSIU. In addition, she has provided technical assistance and inter-institutional coordination that have included the drafting of anti-sexual harassment policies and materials for creating awareness. She has developed and implemented work-plans, produced technical documents and reports, managed budgets and financial resources, as well as contracted project personnel Her legal background and work on applied side of gender issues has allowed her to study, understand and respect girls’ and women’s perspectives from diverse ethnic and social groups, assuring cultural, social and gender relevance in the design and implementation of projects. She has been a speaker in several conferences and seminars both State level and national. Her Book titled, “Gender Issues in ITES Sector: Of Continued Harms and Inadequate Remedies”, is being published by the National Law School of India University.
Degree Specialization University
PhD Gender,Employment Laws National Law School of India University, Bengaluru.
LL.M Commercial Law Bangalore University
Chairperson- PU Internal Complaints Committee
Chairperson – Unfair Means and Mal practice Committee
Chairperson – Student Dip stick Survey
Chairperson – BOS, SOL.
Chairperson - DAC
Member- BOM & Academic Council.
a. Gender Specialization with competency in Gender Equality Issues and Gender Analyses
b. Juvenile Justice and Child Rights.
c. Intellectual Property Rights
d. Drafting Pleading and Conveyancing.
e. Law Relating to Women and Child.
f. Legal History
g. Public International Law
h. Jurisprudence.
i. Law of Evidence.
j. Criminal Procedure Code.
k. Indian Penal Code.
l. Law of Torts.
Conference Papers:
1.Panel Chair on, “Global Legal Education”, organized Indian National Bar Association, 11th May, 2018.
2.Resource person at Institute on Politics at ECC, Whitefield, Bangalore to speak on “Women and Law” on 5th May, 2018.
3.Prime panelist at Institute of Companies Secretary, Bangalore Chapter on gender at work, MARCH, 2018.
4.Invited Speaker on, “Gender in Law”, at SAARC Nations International Human Rights Association on 10th March, 2018.
Invited Speaker at "Conference on role of educators in preventing and responding to child sexual abuse in institutions", January, 19, 2018.
5.Resource person on Child Trafficking and Implementation of Legal Frame work at a National seminar at Arunodaya Law College, March 2018.
6.Resource person on Sexual harassment of women at workplace at Confederation of Indian Industries February, 2018
7.Panelist at Three days State Level Workshop on Induction into Research, February, 2018. Resource person at BILS National Seminar on “Evolution of Data Protection and Privacy- A Gender Perspective”- 30th November, 2017 Invited Speaker at National College, Basavangudi on “Women & Law, Judicial Perspectives" on 16th October, 2017.
Journal Articles:
A Case of Gender Discrimination in the Information Technology Enabled Sectors (ITES): Case Study in Bangalore, Amity Law Review, 2016.
“Feminist Perspective towards Institutional Child Sexual Abuse”, ISSN 2321-9904, ITMU LAW REVIEW, VOL. 1, ISSUE 2 (JULY – DECEMBER 2015)
“The Law on Sexual Harassment at Work Place in India: A Critical Appraisal” JOURNAL OF LAW AND POLICY REVIEW, 2 (2), 442, 457 (2013).
“The Security Issue Of Women’s Nightshift Work: A Specific Reference To The ITES/BPO Establishments”, LEGAL NEWS AND VIEWS, January 2013.
“Liberalization, In-formalization and Feminization of the Labour Markets: A Specific Focus on the ITES Industry”, 31st SKOCH Summit, March 2013.
“A Case of Occupational Gendered Bias, Post Globalization in the ITES Sector: An Analytical”, Indian Bar Review, 39 (4), 2012.
a. Gender Specialization with competency in Gender Equality Issues and Gender Analyses
b. Employments Laws and Sexual Harassment Issues
c. Juvenile Justice and Child Rights.