Three day Faculty Development Program on
“Foundation Course on LabVIEW with Hands-on Practice”
The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering under the forum Techjunction conducted a three day Faculty Development program on “Foundation Course on LabVIEW with Hands-on Practice” 30 July – 1 August 2018 . The program was conducted in association Trident Techlabs Pvt Ltd. The main external speaker for the event was the Senior Field Engineer from Trident Techlabs, Mr. Jiyo Mathew.
Day 1:
Inaugural event was held at 9.30am, followed by first session in which the basics of LabVIEW Programming were taken up. In session -2 the speaker explained about functions used in LabVIEW. Session -3 was a Hands on Session.
Day 2:
During session -1, functionalities of MY DAQ Kit were discussed, and session -2 was on NI ELVIS Kit and some examples of using arrays, loops & structures. Session -3 was once again a hands on training on MY DAQ & ELVIS.
Day 3:
Third day session-1 focused on MY RIO Kit, while session -2 was a Hands on session using MY RIO Kit. During Session -3 the Guest gave a talk on “Applications of Digital Signal Processors” and overview on most of NI hardwares. Finally, at the valedictory function, our chief guest Dr. Kalaiarasan, Associate Dean, SOE distributed the certificates to the participants.

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