A healthy mind resides in a healthy body, goes the saying. The Sports Department at the university believes that when you exercise your body, you exercise your mind as well. Besides academics, sports is one of the important co-curricular activities, included in all educational institutions. Sports attribute positively to the academic performance of our learners. Playing as a team encourages co-operation and leadership among the players. A wide variety of indoor and outdoor sport activities are made available to the students of the university so that they can have an all-round development. The Sports department has excellent facilities and well trained sports instructors headed by experienced Director of Physical Education. Facilities and ample spaces are available for outdoor sports; volleyball, basketball, hockey, football, kho-kho and cricket. Facilities for table tennis, different indoor games, badminton courts and exercise rooms are also available for university students. A well equipped gymnasium is also coming up. There are separate coaches for all the games who groom the students and train them rigorously to compete at the national level. All the games have equipment of international standards which is accessible to all the students.