The Department of EEE, SoE, organized an online LIVE webinar on “Multiphase Machines for Electric Vehicles” on 13th February 2021, on the occasion of 174th birth anniversary of Thomas Alva Edison, from 10:00 AM to 12 PM. A total of 220 internal participants including students & the staff members of EEE department and 130 participants including faculty members and research scholars of various other institutions across the country, had joined the webinar. The speaker for the event was Dr. Prathap Reddy B, Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Qatar University, Qatar.

Dr. Prathap Reddy B received his Doctor of Philosophy from IIT Hyderabad, in the year 2019. As an intern in Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, Japan, he worked on design of High Temperature Superconducting Induction Motor (HTS IM) and Permanent Magnet Motor design for Electric Vehicles by using the J-Mag FEM Software. He is currently working as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Qatar University, in the area of Design and Implementation of Multiphase Machines for Electrical Vehicles.  He has published more than 16 journal papers in which, 13 are IEEE transaction papers. He has presented many conference papers at international levels. He has also filed a patent for “Multiphase Induction Motor Drive for Gearless Electric Vehicles” US Patent, filed by Qatar University office of Research, which is under review.

The online program was graced by the presence of the Dr. A.M Surendra Kumar        (Pro-Vice Chancellor & CoE), Dr. Abdul Sharief (Dean-SoE) and Dr. Snehaprabha T V     (Director –DSW & Professor – Dept. of EEE). The program was convened by Dr. V Joshi Manohar (HoD – Dept. of EEE) and coordinated by members of Automotive Research Group of EEE dept., Mr. K Sreekanth Reddy, Mr. Ravi V Angadi, Mr. Sukumar S J and                             Ms. Ragasudha C P.

The webinar started with remembrance of the great inventor Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931). The session started at 10:00 AM with the blessings and wishes from invited dignitaries. Dr. Prathap Reddy B, the speaker introduced the audience to the importance of Electric Vehicles over ICE vehicles in the present global scenario. The presentation covered very informative material on the advantages and challenges of multiphase machines for electric vehicles. Finally, Dr. Prathap Reddy spoke about Multilevel inverter configurations used for this multiphase machines,  super conductor based induction motors, battery charging configurations, power converter design and the research scope in the area of EV power trains.

Finally, during Q&A session, all the queries were answered by the resource person. At the end, the program was concluded with a vote of thanks by Ms Ragasudha.

Snapshots from the event are attached below.

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