Team Vector is a self-initiative by young minds of Presidency University – Innovation Club. The team has made a positive approach for designing the kart, considering all the possible iterations to obtain the most suitable and efficient design as per the requirement & need. All the possible designs were modeled and analyzed in SOLIDWORKS and ANSYS Workbench until the final design was chosen.

Team Vector had participated in Edge line E-kart Championship Virtual Document Presentation Event conducted by Wisdomatic Swarms, situated in WAGHOLI, HAVELI PUNE, and MAHARASTRA 412207 on 11th-Jan-2021.

Students of Presidency University got a chance from Wisdomatic Swarms to present their Business Plan and Design report to showcase their Kart’s complete Analysis, Design, Planning, Circuit Diagram, etc. Students also had a Questionnaire session and their theoretical Knowledge was tested by various cross-questions by the Judges .

It’s indeed a proud moment for the Department of Student Welfare to share that the team Vector of PU has secured a Runners-up Position for Business Plan Presentation.

Team Vector is thankful to the Faculty advisors Dr. SnehaPrabha T.V and Dr. Madhusudan M

This Event helped the students to gain knowledge on the current preparations to rethink on practical and theoretical values to mold themselves for the various upcoming Events to represent our University.

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