Campus Life at Presidency University

When you look back at the fond memories of your college days, the campus life is probably the fondest of all those memories. But your campus life serves more than just a time of fond memories. Your campus life also teaches you many skills that are useful in your career and life. This is why, at Presidency University, students are provided with an amazing life on campus that will ensure they become well-rounded individuals and make great memories.

Something Extra
The students are pushed to partake in many extracurricular activities where they can hone and showcase their talents. Academics are important but nurturing other is just as important. Students get to participate in dancing, singing, acting, debating and elocution competitions. They also get to participate in science, engineering and robotics competitions. These activities are a great way for them to have exposure to the competitive world, and even have additional talents to fall back on. The extracurricular activities also help them relax and perform better in college.

At Presidency University, there are clubs headed by faculty, and run by students where other students can join and be a part of. These clubs also encourage students to showcase their talents and skills, and develop their personalities to become talented professionals. Here are a few of those clubs:-

Magazine Club
Feed your flair for the written word by being a part of the magazine club and writing for it. No matter what profession you get into, some form of writing will be a part of it. Now imagine if you are actually a good writer, you will actually do better than others.

Cultural Club
Performing arts get a huge push in this club. Students with varied talents in performing arts can gather, form teams, and even take part in intercollegiate competitions. This is a great place to make friends with similar talents.

Science Club
For many, science is not just a subject, it is a passion. For such people, there is the Science Club. This is the place for like-minded people to dwell upon, discuss and understand the latest happenings in the world of science and technology. .

Yoga & Meditation Club
Health is also an important part of the campus life at Presidency University. At the Yoga & Meditation Club, students gather together and learn and experience the benefits of yoga and meditation. Many students join the club just before the exams as well to deal with the stress of the exam, and actually end up doing well.

Cinemascope Clubs
Now there are many universities in Bangalore, but there aren’t many with a club like the Cinemascope Club. This is the club where you actually learn and appreciate the intricacies of filmmaking. From editing on industry standard software like FCP, to learning bounce lighting, this is a club where you get an outlet for your love towards filmmaking.

Theatre Club
Theatre is an art. Most of the great actors we have today have come from the theatre. There are many who were studying something else, but ended up becoming actors. Theatre is also about becoming performers and skills acquired here make students exceptional speakers and presenters.

Photography & Art Club
Most young students love to click pictures, but there are some who do it with a passion. This club is for them. The Photography & Art Club is where you get to learn outdoor photography. Students also indulge in outdoor assignments, and appreciation. This is one of the best clubs to give creativity an outlet.

These are just a few clubs and activities mentioned at Presidency University. There are more, and if you want to be a well-rounded student who is good in academics and extracurricular, join Presidency University today! Admissions are open for many streams. Enquire today!