Call for quality research
“ Any research you do should have some purpose. Your contribution should help solving the problems of the country. You must be able to translate the new knowledge to action. And action has to be socially relevant. Universities need to conduct Prognostic research ie research into the shape of things to come. ”. This was stated by Prof. Dr. T. R. Subramanya, Dean, School of Legal Studies, CMR University and Former Vice Chancellor, Karnataka State Law University. He was speaking on the occasion of the Inauguration of New Faculty Induction Program (2nd Batch) at Presidency University, Bengaluru, on Thursday, 11th July 2019.

Listing out the qualities of a good researcher, Prof. Dr. Subramanya said that love of labor is an essential quality of a researcher. And one cannot be a good researcher unless he/she has the taste for the subject. While the researcher has to be objective, patience as well as humility to learn from others is a must. Scholar has to have complete intellectual honesty. Prof. Dr. Subramanya added that scholarship cannot grow unless the scholars have an opportunity to disagree with and challenge the work of others.

A researcher has to be a good speaker too, added Prof. Subramanya.

Expressing his concern on the declining quality of research at colleges and universities, Prof. Dr. T. R. Subramanya said that out of over 900 universities in India, only 200 have got NAAC accreditation Grade of A and out of over 39000 colleges, only 1300 colleges have got A Grade.

Calling upon the newly joined faculty members to develop good teaching skills, Prof. Subramanya said that to be a good teacher, they need to :

(i) Know the way – Know how to teach
(ii) Go the way – Study the subject
(iii) Show the way – Teach the subject, and also set an example

In the beginning, Dean of Research, Prof. Venkataramu welcomed the new faculty members. Pro – Chancellor, Prof. Vijayan Immanuel conveyed best wishes to all new faculty members. Dean of School of Law, Prof. Sapna introduced Prof. Subramanya to the audience. In the end, Pro Vice Chancellor, Dr Ishwara Bhat conveyed the vote of thanks.

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