Beyond Academics Life at Presidency University


Campus life goes beyond academics. It is not just about what you study, it is about what you learn from your life at the university. Presidency University understands this and has ensured all our students have an active social life that goes beyond academics. Our students get all-round development that ensures they enter into the professional world as well-rounded individuals.

Student Activities

Students are encouraged to partake in many extracurricular activities that will result in their social development. They end up finding many hidden talents and skills. These activities become an outlet for their talent, which in turn improves their academic performance. Presidency University wholeheartedly supports and encourages all student activities. We also help them participate in national and international level competitions.

Sports Activities

Sports is not just important for fitness and physical development, it also important for mental development. You learn how to manage your temperament, work as a team player, and become a leader. At Presidency University, we have international standard sports facilities where students work towards betterment of their mind, body, and soul. There are many indoor and outdoor sports facilities. Students can choose from indoor and outdoor sports like badminton, table tennis, volleyball, hockey, basketball, cricket, football, and kho-kho. There’s also a fully-equipped gymnasium.

Student Clubs

With such a vast campus and various streams of education, there are many different students with different interests beyond academics. For such students, there are many student clubs where like-minded students can gather and indulge in their interests. Science club, quiz club, debate teams, chess club, eco club, robotics and more, these clubs are a great way for students to indulge in hobbies, and get overall development. Presidency University encourages such clubs with permission, facilities, and support.

Student Events

There are quite a few students’ events happening all year round. From celebrating academic success and fame gained by the students, to the celebration of occasions like international women’s day, students get ample opportunities, to organize events, and celebrate important achievements.

Social Outreach

We at Presidency University believe that it is a moral duty to help each other, and uplift those who are less fortunate. Our faculty and students are encouraged to be a part of our social outreach and welfare programs. Students are also encouraged to use their education to make life better for others, and continue with their charitable spirit even after they’ve joined the professional world. We also have many internal policies and committees to ensure our students and employees have a safe and healthy environment, along with equal opportunities, and an outlet to air grievances.

Cultural Celebrations

Culture is what binds us together as a people, and at Presidency University, we celebrate all the wonderful cultures of the various students and faculty. Here, cultural differences actually unite all in understanding and celebrations, and students are ably supported by the staff and management. At Presidency University, cultural celebrations are a part of campus life.


From seminar halls to conducts events, to indoor and outdoor sports facilities, students have access to everything that will ensure that have a well-rounded life at Presidency University. The campus also has lush green landscapes and foliage, computer labs, common rooms, cafeteria, and even an ATM. Students rarely have to step out of the campus to have a good time.

Life at Presidency University is not just about education, it is also about the other important aspects that make our students physically developed and mentally fit. Therefore, to get more than mere education, get admission at Presidency University in Bangalore today. Admissions are open, so enquire now!