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International Relations Office

The objective of the International Relations Office is to develop and coordinate the international activities of the students and Faculty of Presidency University, Bangalore. Providing support and feedback to the University Management about Students & Staff mobility are the Key performing areas of International Relations Office including

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Presidency University (PU) offers a dedicated International Admissions office, with a team of professional and enthusiastic officers, engaged towards fulfillment of all requirements of International students.

International Admission Department is keenly responsible for the overall enhancement of International student diversity on campus through regular International Student Admissions, Student Mobility and Tie ups with Global Renowned Universities.

Our Officers ensure proper welcoming of International Students from all around the world. PU management advocates full support in order to strengthen student diversity. Nurturing the Channels and Associates to achieve the common objective of International student mobility is our goal.

Your study Visa for Presidency University will help you to fulfill your successful life and Career. People recognise Presidency University throughout the globe for its quality Pedagogy and Student Experience. We offer a wide range of support to our students and guidance, starting from application process, Admission Confirmation, fee transfers, VISA & FRO Registrations, Airport pick up, Hostel check-in, Bank Account opening, Purchasing Medical Insurance,and many more at one point of contact ie : International Admissions Office.

Subsequently, we have placed "International Student Welfare Desk" , dedicated to all types of student matters, International Events and Festivals, all around the year.