Some of the most brilliant, confident students become anxious train wrecks during their interviews. And it is quite understandable. It is hard. You are taking your first step towards making a career. The whole setting is completely different from your college and mock interviews you might have done. But there are a few things that will help you do well.

Here Are 7 Ways to Look Confident in an Interview.

– Be as relaxed as possible, and your confidence will automatically come to the forefront. Take deep breaths, indulge in activities that relax you, meditation, etc. Deep breathing is a great way to feel relaxed yet confident. The extra oxygen in your system and a calm heart rate will do wonders for you.

2. Know about the Organization –
Many people trip up when they get asked about the organization they are applying in. Interviewers ask such questions as a means to see how serious
a candidate is about working for them. So, ensure that you know a little bit about the company you are interviewing in.

3. Build a Rapport –
Rather than saying things that might impress the interviewer, try to say things that will make them feel at ease, and a connection with you. Of
course, don’t go overboard. Just make sure they like and see you like a good, talented, and likeable person. People tend to hire candidates they
genuinely like.

4. Prepare –
Just like for everything else in life, if you prepare in advance, you will do well in your interview. Some colleges do mock interviews for their
students. You can also do a mock interview with your friends where they can interview you well. Read up whatever you can and be confident of your
answers. If there is something you don’t know, don’t lie and give false answers, but truthfully say that you don’t know. Honesty is a quality
adored by many interviewers seeking to hire a good candidate.

5. Eye Contact –
This is a tried and tested method that is useful in everyday life as well. Make eye contact with the interviewer. When you look away, it gives a
feeling that you are not being truthful or are low on confidence. This could affect the outcome of your interview. So, make eye contact and be
confident in all your interviews.

6. Be Positive –
All the successful people in the world have one thing in common – they all picture themselves doing well. This is a technique that puts you in a
positive state of mind, and you will actually do well. So, be positive about your interview, and you will also learn to be positive about
everything else in life.

7. It’s not the End
– Know the fact that one interview is not the end. You will have many opportunities and you will get better with every interview. So, never lose
hope, and that golden opportunity will eventually come to you.

Stick to these above-mentioned points and you will do well in your interviews, and before you know, your career would have begun. All the