The problem with fresh young adults finding a job these days is that many companies prefer to look for candidates with experience. Many adults pass on their resumes on company’s websites while others walk straight inside the premises. However, these applicants get rejected because of no experience written on their resumes. But there’s a solution to this scenario. The answer is ‘Internship’. An internship has now become a necessity and important in every fresher’s career. Here are some points on the importance of an internship.

1. Real Life Exposure and Experience –An internship is the first step to experiencing how it is works in the real world. Students are taught about various skills, knowledge and practices they have learnt in their college. Acquiring a degree with knowledge is fine. However, it is a little different from working in real life. One of the best things about doing an internship for students is that they are taught about how the company works. At first, an intern may not be relevant work. However, it gives them an opportunity to meet new people and see how to deal with them via an experienced employee.

2. Learn More about Yourself –An internship helps a fresher develop their personality and shape up to face the real world. We all have a vision for ourselves which can only be achieved once you step out of your comfort zone. For example – Let’s assume a student who is pursing in the field of journalism. An internship allows that student to experience how it will be in the real world of journalism. This experience is the perfect time for the student to decide whether to continue his career in journalism or just simply make a change.

3. Get Connections and Improve your Network –Networking gives you the opportunity to get connected to professionals. Without an internship, it is still possible to get connections.However, you would be limited. Doing an internship allows you to meet professionals who may be helpful later in your future. It is best to have these connections as a backup plan even if they aren’t required. That’s because nothing is predictable and there are chances when these connections may be required. Networking can occur at any point in time and you must be ready to take the business cards from various professionals.

4. Can get you to a Full-Time Position –There are times when a student finishes his graduation and immediately gets into a job. It may sound alright, but it has its disadvantages especially if the student doesn’t have any idea about the working environment. The reality is that not all bosses will tolerate mistakes, and this may be a problem for the new employee to adapt to these situations. Therefore, when a student does his internship in the right manner, the company’s boss may even offeryou a job.

5. Your Confidence Will Improve in Real Environment –It takes time and patience for a fresher to get used to a real-time environment. However, when you’ve done your internship, it makes it easier for the young adult to performin the workplace as they have the experience. Once the newly appointed employee understands the expectations from him by the company, it becomes easier.

Remember the above mentioned information when the time for your internship comes. Hopefully, you will have a great time and learn a lot. Internship is a great way to be prepared for the real world.

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