PU/DR/Admission/2021/018                                               October 05, 2021

Dear Student,

Warm Greetings from Presidency University!

With reference to the subject cited, this is to bring to your notice that the last date of Remittance of Fee for the First (Odd) Semester of the Academic Year 2021-22 is October 4, 2021.

Please note that if by the said date, you have still not remitted the prescribed Fee of the First Semester, you will not have access to the Online Classes. In such circumstances we may be constrained to put your Provisional Admission on Hold and we also reserve the right to cancel the same if you still fail to remit the prescribed fee.

Therefore, it is extremely important for you to remit the Fee for the First Semester immediately. You may pay either through ERP/Directly or at the University Cash counter.

If you have not received the Receipt/Acknowledgement of Remittance of Fee, post-payment, then please furnish the transaction details along with your name and application number, by Email to fee@presidencyuniversity.in

Please note that regular online classes have started from October 4, 2021 & only the student who have remitted the Fee for the First Semester of the Academic Year 2021-22, will be permitted to enroll for the regular classes.

Should you have any query, in this regard, please do not hesitate to contact us @ 080-23093500

Deputy Registrar

Presidency University

Encl: Signed Copy