PU/DR/Admission/21/012                                               September 29, 2021


Dear Student,


This is to inform that students who have enrolled for the Program of Management (MBA) for the Academic Year 2021-22 (ODD Semester) shall commence from October 4, 2021.


Students who are provisionally admitted to the above program are hereby directed to attend the Regular Academic Classes (Online), by accessing their respective Login Credentials.


For any clarifications related to Academics, the student may contact the respective faculty coordinator as given here under:


Dr. Md. Imrozuddin  Sec-A  mohamad.imrozuddin@presidencyuniversity.in 8197546238


Dr. Prachi Beriwala  Sec-B  prachi.beriwala@presidencyuniversity.in 9972400434


Dr. Sekhara Rao  Sec-C  sekhara.rao@presidencyuniversity.in    9849775761


Dr. Nalin Kumar  Sec-D  nalinkumar@presidencyuniversity.in       8848492339


Dr. Srikanth Reddy  TEAMS Issue  srikanthreddyn@presidencyuniversity.in 9916595937


Ms. Laxmiprabha    laxmiprabha@presidencyuniversity.in 9902160749


For queries related to admission the student may contact the admission officer at

Mobile: 9986794488 / 9071759902

Email ID: mba@presidencyuniversity.in


Deputy Registrar

Presidency University


Encl: Signed Copy

MBA Circular – Class Commencement