PU/DR/Admission/2021/004                                                  August 30, 2021

Dear {{full_name|Name}},

Warm Greeting from Presidency University, Bengaluru!

This communication is sent regarding Commencement of Academic session (Online) for B.Com, BBA & B.Sc (Economics) for the Academic Year 2021-22 (Odd Semester) from 01, September, 2021.

Students who are previously admitted to the above Programs / Courses are hereby instructed to start attending their regular academic classes online commencing from Wednesday the 1st September, 2021 by using their login credentials.

For any further clarifications on academic information, the student may write / contact the following mail ID / phone number for further details.

Dr. Mounica V – mounicav@presidencyuniversity.in– 9087682014 – BBA Aviation

Prof. Lokesh Y R – lokesh.yr@presidencyuniversity.in– 80905755124 – BBA Regular

Prof. Monica S – monica.s@presidencyuniversity.in– 7204484918 – B.Com

For any other queries following team members can be contacted.

Ms. Rashmi – som_bba@presidencyuniversity.in– 9606931916 – BBA

Ms. Sushma – soc@presidencyuniversity.in– 9071759904 – B.Com / B.Sc (Economics)

Deputy Registrar

Presidency University

Encl : Signed Copy