3 Types of BBA Majors and Best BBA Specialization in India

3 Types of BBA Majors and Best BBA Specialization in India

A Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) is one of the best courses to do early on in. This shows you are clear about the field you are going to make a career in – business administration. Most people do a different bachelor’s degree, and then choose to do an MBA. However, you doing BBA puts you at an advantage over others. However, to capitalize on these, you need to choose the right major for your BBA. Here’s how you can divide your majors.

3 Types of BBA Majors

Now, we aren’t exactly talking about the subject, but more on the lines of nature, and the kind of doors it opens for you, the kind of path they create for you career-wise. So, BBA majors can be divided into, General, Technical, and Professional.

In the ‘General’ part of BBA, you have subjects like entrepreneurship, international business, and management. One might argue that these subjects are vague and do not offer expertise in something, but they are still good subjects, where you can learn a lot about business administration. Entrepreneurship for one is an excellent subject if you plan on opening a business on your own. Of course, actual work is the best teacher but you will learn the nitty-gritty in theory. However, ensure that you do this course from a reputed institute to learn all that you can. Also, if you further study MBA, you will have a lot more value.

The ‘Technical’ majors can be subjects like MIS (Management Information System), operations and supply chain. These are subjects that require technical knowledge. Majoring in them will make you a more employable person and even get you a paycheck that is above normal industry standards. You should major in them if technology and other similar aspects of your education excite. So, you may not want to become a big CEO or Chairman, but you can go to the top of your expertise and have a pressure-free job with an excellent salary package.

Your ‘Professional’ majors are like marketing, finance, advertising, and accounting. If you have the ambition and drive, majoring in these subjects will take you far, even to the top job in a company. These subjects are an integral part of any organization, and the company’s success is heavily reliant on them. Therefore, these subjects are categorized as professionals. Unsurprisingly, these are the most popular subjects students choose to major so which shows they know the current market scenario.

Which Stream is Best in BBA?

The majors stated in the professional category are the best ones in BBA. They are not only popular, but they also have a high employment rate. Finance and marketing are the ones that excite the students, and it is much easier to find a high paying job in these fields. However, other subjects are also good and important. So, choose wisely.

BBA Specialization in Presidency University

The BBA courses and specialization in Presidency University’s School of Management are some of the most comprehensive courses you will come across. Here, you have 7 specializations to choose from. They are:-

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Aviation Management
  • Human Resources
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Analytics
  • Supply Chain & Logistics

Each subject has a strong curriculum designed by the best minds in education, based upon the most highly revered international pedagogy. At Presidency University, you also get opportunities to do internships in your specialized field. The university is connected to many companies, and students take advantage of this fact. The faculty too is highly rated, Therefore, if you want to do your BBA in an excellent college Presidency University is the best place for you. Hurry, and enquire now about admission, as they get full fast.