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2nd International Conference on Digital Entrepreneurship held on 8-9 February 2019

February 15, 2019 | News & Events

School of Management, Presidency University, organized the 2nd International Conference on Digital Entrepreneurship on 8-9 February 2019. Speaking on the occasion of inauguration, Chief Guest, Mr K. B. Nagaraju, Director and Chief Customer Experience Officer, BigBasket, said that how we use customer experience is a key factor in the growth of digital entrepreneurship. “ Internet has provided a new tool to try new ideas. Stars are well aligned for entrepreneurship today. While the customer expectations are higher today, how we use customer experience is the key to the growth of digital entrepreneurship and business. Huge focus on addressing the customer expectations is the need of the hour. Even ordinary people with good technology application ideas can deliver delightful customer experience”, said Mr Nagaraju. Going further, Mr Nagaraju said that two values which are most important in digital entrepreneurship are Customer Focus and Speed of Action. As the company grows, scale is very important. Competition judging and building is important. “ You need to have internal auditing processes. Connect between the managers and the lower line is very important. We need to find out the needs of employees and understand the needs and aspirations of the employees. Lots of experimentation is required. You need to have the guts. And every failure is a learning point”, added Mr Nagaraju.

In the beginning, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Radha Padmanabhan welcomed the gathering.
Giving the curtain raiser, the Conference Chairman, Prof. Swapan Majumdar, said that the conference intends to supplement the research and practice prospects on issues related to Platform, Process, People and Technology related to digital entrepreneur across the world. The conference proposes to bring leading entrepreneurship thinkers, researchers and practitioners across the world for two days of presentations and dialogue. Acknowledging the fact that the world is moving towards digital start-ups this time our focus will be on the discussions on the choice of platform, the processes involved, people issues coupled with all pervasive technological issues. The insights and analysis presented in this conference are expected to provide guidance for future deliberations and set the agenda for digital entrepreneurship research, enterprise development, and policy formulation in this domain.

Prof. Petr Jirsak, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic gave the opening remarks. It was followed by Prof. Amiya Bhaumik, Lincoln University College, Malaysia.
Giving the keynote address, Mr Ganesh Krishnan, Chairman and Founder, Portea Medical, said that internet is a great leveler and it has given great opportunity. He said, he would like to see each one among the student participants becoming extremely successful digital entrepreneurs in the next 5 years. Mr Ganesh Natarajan called upon the students to solve the six basic needs of the country, namely, Roti, Kapda, Makaan, Education, Healthcare and Entertainments, using the digital entrepreneurship.
During the Presidential address, Pro Chancellor, Prof. Vijayan Immanuel said that the holding this International Conference is an investment the university has made so that the students can benefit from it. “In April 2018, we held the first conference. Seeing the response, we decided to have the second conference which is held today. This is not just an event, it is a continuum in the learning process. We would start a Center of Excellence in Digital Entrepreneurship”, said Prof. Immanuel. Recognizing the key role that digital technologies can play in improving the business landscape across the world, the United Nations set up the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development in 2010 in order to promote internet access, in particular, broadband networks, which would help achieving the UN Development Goals, such as Millennium Development Goals, added Prof. Immanuel.
Entrepreneurship calls for skills. Let us use this conference for triggering skill development in digital entrepreneurship. It would be great to see some digital entrepreneurs emerging from this university, added Prof. Immanuel.
In the end of the inaugural session, Prof. Krishna Kumar, Head of the Department, School of Management, proposed the vote of thanks.

Two days Conference had the following plenary sessions :

Plenary 1: Emerging Platforms, Technologies and Ecosystems: New Paradigms of Disruptive Entrepreneurialism
Panel Member 1 : Mr. Sailendra Naidu, Founder and CEO,, Bangalore
Panel Member 2 : Mr. Suresh Kumar, GM and Head, Smart City, Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions, Bangalore
Panel Member 3 : Mr. Anirban Ghatak, Founder,, Bangalore
Panel Member 4 : Dr. L. Jyothish Kumar, Founder and President, AMSI (3D Printing), Bangalore
Panel Member 5 : Mr. Arun Bhati Salvi, Founder and COO of, New Delhi
Rapporteur : Dr. Akhila Udupa, School of Management, Presidency University: Key Takeaways of the Session

Plenary 2: Skills, Work Cultures and Regulatory Frameworks for Building Sustainable Digital Enterprises
Speaker 1 : Mr. Sudin Baraokar, Advisor to Global Banks and Fintechs, Pune
Speaker 2 : Mr. Girish Batra, Founder of Glocal Projects & Author “Experiments Leadership”, Bangalore
Speaker 3 : Mr. Deepak Goel, CTO, Karma Circle, New Delhi
Speaker 4 : Dr. Kalpana Gopalan, IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Karnataka, Bangalore
Speaker 5 : Dr. Petr Jirsak, Professor, University of Economics, Prague, Czech Republic.
Rapporteur : Prof. Sanjay Kumar: Key Takeaways of the Session

Plenary 3: Safety, Security, Privacy and the Darwinism of Digital Entrepreneurship
Speaker 1 : Ms. Surabhi Das, Co-Founder and Chief Legal Officer of Ziroh Labs, Guwahati
Speaker 2 : Mr. Munjal Kamdar, Partner at Deloitte Risk Advisory, Mumbai
Speaker 3 : Dr. Harsha E. Tennarasu, Founder & CISO at HKIT Security Solution, Bangalore
Speaker 4 : Mr. Divyanshu Verma, Sr. Manager, Intel Corporation, Bangalore
Speaker 5 : Dr. K. Gopinath, Professor of CS and Automation, IISc Bangalore
Rapporteur : Dr. Balanagrajan: Key Takeaways of the Session

There were 60 full papers and 16 posters which were categorized into the following tracks :


Track  1

Technologies, Platforms and Digital Ecosystems – The Evolving Paradigms of Digital Entrepreneurialism


Dr. Petr Jirsak, Czech Republic


Track 2

Geopolitical Issues and Emerging Sociomaterial Frameworks/Models/Propositions/Processes/ Practices of Digital Entrepreneurialism



 Theme Speaker: Dr. Amiya Bhaumik, Malaysia

Track 3

Methods, Models and Frameworks for Building Failsafe/ Resilient Digital Enterprises

Theme Speaker: Mr. N. S. Kumar, NIDM, Bengaluru

Tracks 4

Case studies & new ideas and initiatives

Theme Speaker: Dr. Jayakrishna Udupa


Theme Speaker: Dr. Amiya Bhaumik, Malaysia
Track 3 Methods, Models and Frameworks for Building Failsafe/ Resilient Digital Enterprises
Theme Speaker: Mr. N. S. Kumar, NIDM, Bengaluru
Tracks 4 Case studies & new ideas and initiatives
Theme Speaker: Dr. Jayakrishna Udupa

In the valedictory session held on 9th February, the following dignitaries participated : Mr Salman Ahmed, Vice President, Presidency University, Prof. Vijayan Immanuel, Pro Chancellor, Prof. Radha Padmanabhan, Vice Chancellor, Dr Sudhir Rana, Editor of IJBG, Mr Nikhil Mantha, Co-Founder, Valuevest Services Pvt. Ltd. and Dr Renu Rajani, Vice President, Infosys. Conference Chairperson, Prof. Swapan Majumdar presented the key takeaways from the conference.
The Best Paper Awards were presented to the following two papers :
1. Impact of Big Data in Service operations – A case of select amusement park, Bengaluru, by Amrita A. & K. Mari Aravind Raj, Ramaiah Institute of Management.
2. Digital Design thinking and Innovation in a BEVUCA Environment- A Resource based Neurostrategic Analysis, by Arabinda Bhandari (Presidency University, Bengaluru), Raghunath Prasad Verma ( Ranchi University) and Kaushik Dutta (St. Xavier’s College, Ranchi)

The Best Poster Award was presented to the following paper :

1. Blue Oceans Leadership Practices Journey from Disengagement to Engagement of Employees in an Organization, by Sarini Vedula and Ashwin Pachori (School of Management, Presidency University, Bengaluru)

The program ended with vote of thanks by Dr. V. Gajapathy.