Connected Consumers – An alarming Enemy or Friend?

By – Dr. K. Balanagarajan, Assistant Professor, School of Management, Presidency University   Matching a buyer with a seller is an important task in marketing a product. Consumers search, select, and purchase the products or services that fit their needs. The social media platforms have emerged as one of the driving forces of sharing consumer’s […]

Make in India – Building a truly world-class Indian University

By Dr. Nissar Ahmed Chancellor – Presidency University Chairman – Presidency Group of Institutions   Down the ledgers of time, forty years and it seems like just a few days for me! I still remember the long and eventful journey that began in a 2-bedroom residential house in 1976, with just 4 students and the […]

Why is Birth Registration Important ( Part 3 )

By : Jaisree N. Asst. Prof.,  School of Law, Presidency University   Adoption : Registration and Issue of Birth Certificate The RBD Act, 1969 is silent on this aspect. However, the salient features of guidelines issued by Government of India are briefed below: Guidelines to orphanages, child welfare agencies etc. i) An application is to […]

The Rail Budget – No Bold Moves

By : Dr. Amir Ullah Khan The Rail budget detailed a vision for 2020. Suresh Prabhu is a no nonsense minister who enjoys the Prime Minister’s confidence. When he began speaking on his budget, most of us were ready to hear some bold announcements and a new business strategy. What followed was staid. The rail […]

Global Unemployment to rise in 2016 ???

Unemployment is an economic condition under which individuals seeking employment remain un-hired. Though, recognised as a universal economic event, the degree of employment or unemployment, as the case may be, varies from time to time within a given country and also in the same framework of time, globally. It is believed that continuing decline in […]

Why is birth registration important? ( Part 2 )

By : Jaisree N. Asst. Prof., School of Law, Presidency University Birth registrations are done according to the Registration of Birth and Deaths Act, 1969 For every child being born, a birth certificate is required by the government of every state and nation. A certification of birth contains important details that accurately identify the person, […]

Social Media unveils the ‘Invisible Talent Pool’

By : Dr. K. Balanagarajan Asst. Prof, School of Management Presidency University, Bangalore Talent management practices of organization have undergone a paradigm shift driven by predominant use of social media in the recent times. Social media platforms are not only being viewed as a platform to share content but also a way to explore opportunities. […]

Commodity Trading – An Insight

By Prof. Soman Nambiar What are the dynamics at play in Commodity Trading and Markets? In financial terms “commodities” refers to industrial raw materials and other agricultural produce. Even energy and other precious metal products are treated as commodities. A commodity also refers to any other commodity underlying a “futures” contract at a Commodities exchange. […]

Britain and the European Union

By – T S Srinivasan Introduction As a British exit from the EU seems increasingly possible, although far from probable yet, there is a growing interest in answers to the following questions : What are the benefits to Britain of remaining within the EU? What are the potential risks to Britain of leaving the EU? […]

Why is birth registration important?

By : Jaisree N. Asst. Prof., School of Law, Presidency University “Birth registration is a permanent and official record of a child’s existence. The child who is not registered at birth is in danger of being denied the right to an official identity, a recognized name” In India, an estimated 26 million children are born […]

Non –Performing Assets- A Damocles Sword to the Banking Sector

By : Soman Nambiar Sr. Professor, School of Management, Presidency University Any financial institution operating in the realm of lending, is exposed to “credit risk” [ a probability that the principal and/or accrued interest thereon may not be recovered, either in total or partially]. The amounts lend by a financial institution, in general and by […]

China’s economic troubles and lessons for India

By: Amir Ullah Khan, Board Member and Advisor As the Chinese economy fumbles, the stock market across the world has crashed. Oil prices have gone down to 32 dollars a barrel.  Brazil in the west and Indonesia in the far east have seen exports drop sharply. The world economy surely looks vulnerable. Firstly, it is […]